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A Cessna 150 like the one shown above crashed in Heartwellville in 1987. Luckily, there were no fatalities. Wikipedia
10 years ago:
On the one-year anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene, the Deerfield Valley News took a look back at the flood damage to Deerfield Valley communities and the amazing recovery that had taken place over the previous year.  There was still work left to do in every...

This statue of Molly Stark was installed 20 years ago. Photo courtesy WikiTree
10 years ago:
The closure of Beaver Brook Bridge on South Main Street in Wilmington due to damage by Tropical Storm Irene forced residents of Castle Hill, Fairview Avenue, and Shafter Street – including the MOOver – to use Boyd Hill Road to reach the outside world for...

Joseph Kruszewski and his son Andrew posed outside of the former Matterhorn Inn after Kruszewski purchased a used ambulance and donated it to an organization in his native Poland. File photo
10 years ago:
The Deerfield Valley Farmers’ Day Fair committee feared their 95th annual fair could be their last without a fresh influx of volunteers. Organizers said many longtime volunteers had retired, and they had difficulty getting a quorum – just seven committee...

Tony Stout, Rite-Aid’s senior planner, at an Act 250 hearing in 2007, describing some of the features of the planned building at Route 9 and Country Club Road. File photo/Mike Eldred
10 years ago:
A year after Tropical Storm Irene flooded Wilmington Village, including the town’s municipal offices, the Wilmington Police Department, the town clerk, town manager, and other departments were ready to move back into their renovated spaces. For the previous...

The Brigham Young monument in Whitingham.
10 years ago:
The results of a new DNA test in the 1994 murder of Christine Grega cast doubt on the conviction of the victim’s husband, John Grega. The DNA, described as having been taken from Christine Grega’s body in 1994, belonged to an unknown male. John Grega was...

Snow Lake. TripAdvisor
10 years ago:
Flood-damaged Dot’s Restaurant was lifted off its foundation by crane and temporarily placed on cribbing in Dot’s parking lot. The building’s “flight” was the start of significant renovations that included the construction of a higher, flood-proofed...

First Lieutenant Mark Dooley is remembered for his service. A 5k race in his honor takes place every September. Facebook
10 years ago:
The Readsboro Cemetery Commission was in the process of cleaning, repairing, and resetting headstones in every cemetery owned by the town. Cemetery commissioner Forrest Hicks said the commission had already restored 184 headstones. Some headstones only needed...

Ruth Mazelli (left) dons a crown made by her students at her retirement celebration in 1977. Deerfield Valley News
10 years ago:
Twin Valley High School students graduated in a ceremony at Mount Snow’s Grand Summit Ballroom.  In her speech to the graduates and their families, valedictorian Shannon Lozito said the class of 40 students experienced tragedies including the deaths of two...

David Boglioli was convicted of the murder of his neighbor George Riccitelli in 2008. Photo by the Deerfield Valley News
10 years ago:
A former state trooper pleaded not guilty to charges that he assaulted two Deerfield Valley men who he believed had stolen a canoe from him. According to court records, the trooper was accused of assaulting the two men while he was on duty, as they returned a...

“The KKK comes to Wilmington” read the headline of a 1982 edition of the Deerfield Valley News. Klan members had organized a demonstration in the valley, but were pushed out by angry counterprotestors. Photo by The Deerfield Valley News
10 years ago:
A lobbying firm hired by Dover and Wilmington was able to secure legislation that would gather data and evaluate how “Vermont’s current education system allocates financial and other resources.” In a meeting with board members from the two towns, lobbyists...


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