Trail 100 closed to snowmobilers

VERMONT - From time to time a landowner, small or large, will close a trail on their property for a season or two and for a variety of reasons. This could be because of logging or agricultural reasons, property development, etc. When this happens, the landowner, club, and the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers do their best to plan a reroute if possible. Sometimes that is not possible. That can be because there is not a suitable reroute or it could be because there was not enough time for VAST, the club, and landowner to put in a reroute.
This winter there are a few landowners that have closed their property due to logging. One in particular has closed a very busy trail in Windham County, Trail 100. The closure will now remove Junction BN22 in Somerset and WM36 in Dover for the season. This means the only way to get to Woodford from Dover, or vice versa, will be by either trailering snowmobiles or taking Trail 710 through Wardsboro.
The 710 is a narrow trail with switchbacks and climbs. It should only be ridden cautiously and slowly. This is not a class one trail like surrounding trails in Dover or Woodford. Those who plan to ride the 710 should take their time and respect that others will be coming from the other direction. The trail is also not maintained by a large groomer, but by a small club, Wardsboro Pathfinders, with snowmobiles to groom. Do not tear it up. Hopefully all will get through this winter safely while showing respect to the landowners and clubs.
Lastly, be aware that law enforcement will be monitoring the 710 and the locations now closed for the season due to logging. Going off a VAST trail is trespassing and carries large fines. VAST is sorry for this unavoidable inconvenience but if all can follow the rules by allowing the landowner to get their logging done this season, they can hopefully open the trail next season.

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