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Police say scammers targeting local residents
WILMINGTON- The Wilmington Police Department is warning Deerfield Valley residents to safeguard their personal information and beware of telephone and internet scams.  Every year the department receives calls regarding suspicious calls that are determined to be scams. In May, Wilmington police received a call from a son who reported that he was getting calls from his mother, who thought he was in jail.  His mother had received a call from a scammer and sent a large amount of cash through the US Postal Service.  Thanks to the son’s prompt call, Wilmington police were able to retrieve the money from the post office and it was returned to the worried mother.
Scammers contact victims by telephone, internet or through the mail in official looking documents.   Some of the more prevalent scams include an apparent call from the IRS claiming you owe back taxes; a power company threatening to shut your power off; a credit card agency claiming your card has been hacked and you need to verify the number on it; or a debt consolidation company advising that you can consolidate your debt at an extremely low interest rate. 
One of the most used scams is a call from someone claiming to represent a law enforcement agency advising that a loved one is in trouble, has been arrested, and needs money immediately. The callers who commit these frauds often utilize an automated “Robocall” machine that may appear to be a local number.  They use common names and fake badge numbers and they may know the last four digits of your Social Security number or other information about you. 
No legitimate government or police agency will ever ask for a credit card number or credit card security code over the phone, or ask anyone to use a prepaid debit card or a wire transfer to pay for what they want you to believe is owed or to get your family member out of jail.
Social media has greatly aided these scammers in defrauding their victims of their money. They now have access to information such as names of family members and other information.  Never give detailed information such as addresses, dates of birth, bank account details or Social Security numbers out over the phone, and if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.  Verify claims from callers seeking information or payment by calling the number on the back of your credit card, another family member (especially the one thought to be in trouble) or use the phone book to get numbers of service providers, police departments, and other agencies.
Once a victim’s money is gone it most likely is unrecoverable but incidents should still be reported to police.  Victims can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at

Bennington man held on domestic assault charges
WOODFORD- Police arrested a Bennington man after state police and Bennington County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a 911 hangup at a house on Route 9 at about 8:58 pm on Thursday, May 31. Police say David J. Willette, 32, assaulted the victim at the house during an argument, and disconnected the telephone as the victim attempted to call 911. Willette was taken into custody and  charged with second degree aggravated domestic assault and interference with access to emergency services.  He was transported to Shaftsbury State Police Barracks for processing and ordered held without bail.  He was transported to Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility.  

Charged with operating under the influence of drugs and alcohol
NEWFANE- Police say they were investigating an unrelated matter when they came into contact with Carl Dann, 42, of Newfane, at a residence on Route 30 at about 11:30 pm on Saturday, June 2.  Police say they saw Dann operating a vehicle when he arrived, and later determined that he was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  He was arrested for driving under the influence and issued a citation to appear in Windham Superior Court to answer the charges.

Man issued tickets, warnings after crash
NEWFANE- Police say Harold Fuller, 67, of Dover, was driving his 2018 Ford F150 east on Dover Road at about 7:56 on Tuesday, June 5, when a deer ran out into the road. He applied the brakes but was unable to avoid hitting the deer.  Troy Fuller, 22, of Newfane, was driving a 2005 Chevy Classic behind Harold Fuller and was unable to avoid crashing into him.  Both vehicles were damaged and Troy Fuller was issued tickets for following too close and driving without insurance.  He was also issued warnings for an unregistered vehicle and misuse of registration plates.  There were no human injuries in the crash.




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