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WILMINGTON - Gen Abate knew even as a kid that she loved spreading the joy that art gives her. Throughout her childhood, she helped her siblings get in touch with that joy by creating her own art school at home. 
“I would take my younger siblings and sit them in front of me in a row,” she...
DEERFIELD VALLEY- The Deerfield Valley Lions Club is sponsoring their first  Speak Out contest for high school students who live in the valley. Students in grades nine to 12 who attend school here, home school or schools out of town are eligible to participate.
The theme this year is “...
WILMINGTON- Holy Grail. Unicorn. Unobtanium. Hen’s teeth. That’s what Jeep enthusiasts have called the early-1990s Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ fitted with a manual transmission.  Some lucky raffle ticket buyer will be driving one of these rare four-wheel drive classics home next month. 
Hermitage lawsuits and bankruptcy
Vermont and Connecticut lawsuits against the Hermitage and Hermitage Club founder James Barnes dominated headlines in the first half of the year, along with Berkshire Bank’s ongoing foreclosure action.  Vendors, lenders, investors,...

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