Wipe the slate clean

BRATTLEBORO – Attorney General T.J. Donovan, Windham County State’s Attorney Tracy Shriver, Vermont Legal Aid, and Code for BTV will host an expungement “tele clinic” on Friday, November 13, from 10 am to 2 pm. Expungements wipe from a person’s criminal record specific convictions and dismissed charges after a certain period has passed.  Under Vermont law, many misdemeanors, 14 different felony offenses, and all dismissed charges can be expunged. The free clinic will focus on expunging criminal charges and convictions from Windham County and will be open to the public by telephone appointment.
Vermonters are encouraged to schedule appointments in advance by calling Vermont Legal Aid at (802) 503-0005, ext. 255. On the day of the tele clinic, Vermonters seeking expungement assistance should ideally have access to 1) a telephone (either landline or mobile); 2) the internet; and 3) a computer or smartphone that allows them to electronically sign documents. 
For anyone who would like to participate in the clinic, but does not have access to a computer, smartphone, or the internet, the attorney general’s office will provide accommodation by mailing documents. All that is needed is a telephone.
For questions regarding eligibility for expungement or the clinic contact Vermont Legal Aid at (802) 503-0005, ext. 255, or expungement@vtlegalaid.org.  More information on expungement is available at www.vtlawhelp.org/expungement.

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