Where to vote on Election Day

DEERFIELD VALLEY - Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Absentee voting is already in progress, and numbers are slightly up from the last midterm election. According to Will Senning, director of elections and campaign finance in the secretary of state’s office, as of Wednesday, 52,617 voters had requested absentee ballots and 35,909 had been returned. In 2014, the last midterm election, there were a total of 33,401 absentee voters. In the last presidential election, in 2016, there were 63,638. 
If you aren’t voting by absentee ballot, below is some information about where and when to vote, how to see if you are registered, and how to track election results.
What positions will be elected?
In Vermont, elections will be held for the positions of US senator; representative to Congress; governor; lieutenant governor; state treasurer; secretary of state; auditor of accounts; attorney general; state senator; state representative; probate judge; assistant judge; state’s attorney; sheriff; and high bailiff. 
Where is my polling place? 
Your polling place is located in the town where you reside. 
In the Deerfield Valley, polling places are: 
Dover:     Dover Town Hall, 189 Taft Brook Road, East Dover
Halifax:     Halifax Elementary Multipurpose Room, 246 Branch Road, Halifax
Marlboro:     Marlboro Town Office, 510 South Road, Marlboro
Readsboro:     Readsboro Central School, 301 Phelps Lane, Readsboro
Searsburg:     Town Clerk’s Office, 18 Town Garage Road, Searsburg
Stamford:     Stamford Elementary School, 986 Main Road, Stamford
Wardsboro:     Wardsboro Town Office, 71 Main Street, Wardsboro
Whitingham: Whitingham Municipal Center, 2948 VT Route 100, Whitingham 
Wilmington: Twin Valley Elementary School, 360 VT Route 100 North, Wilmington 
What hours are polls open? 
Different towns have different start times. 
7 am:     Dover and Wilmington 
8 am:     Stamford 
9 am:     Wardsboro 
10 am:     Halifax, Marlboro, Readsboro, Searsburg, and Whitingham 
All polls close at 7 pm. 
You can follow statewide election results online.
Statewide election results are available through the secretary of state’s election results page: https://vtelectionresults.sec.state.vt.us/. 
Results are updated every five minutes once polling places close and town clerks report results to the secretary of state. 
“Each town clerk is required to enter results on election night,” says Senning. “Those results are presented on the elections results page as soon as they are entered by the clerks. The page will automatically refresh every five minutes, but can also be manually refreshed.” 
Are you registered to vote? 
According to the secretary of state’s website, 477,450 people are registered to vote in Vermont, approximately 71% of Vermont’s 623,960 residents. 
You can find out if you’re one of the 447,450 registered voters in Vermont at https://mvp.sec.state.vt.us. Through the same page, you can also track your absentee ballot status, view your polling location, see who your elected officials are, view your registration information, and view a sample ballot for the upcoming election. 
You can register to vote on Election Day.
While in some states voter registration closes in advance of Election Day, in Vermont, voters may register at their polling place on Election Day and vote that same day. However, according to Senning, voters are encouraged to register in advance. 
“Voters can register online at www.olvr.sec.state.vt.us or visit their town clerk to register,” he says. “A person may also register on Election Day at the polling place, but we strongly encourage them to register in advance of Election Day.”

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