Transfer station sign urged by students

Cassie Fletcher and Trevor Gray at the Dover Selectboard meeting Tuesday evening.

DOVER - Dover School students Trevor Gray and Cassie Fletcher attended Tuesday evening’s selectboard meeting, where the pair proposed a new sign on the corner of Dorr Fitch Road and Route 100. 
As proposed, the sign will give directional distance information for the transfer station along with its hours of operation. The students, who are both in sixth grade, said their goal is to diminish the amount of trash left on the sides of roads. 
“We realize that in our community there is a large problem with trash being left on the sides of the road by locals and visitors,” said Cassie. 
“To try and reduce waste found on roads or thrown in private dumpsters, we propose putting a sign at the bottom corner of Dorr Fitch Road, where people on Route 100 can see it, so that they can be aware of where the transfer station is,” said Trevor.
Cassie and Trevor came upon the idea as part of their International Baccalaureate studies at the Dover School.  They told the board that as part of their research, they had visited the transfer stations in Dover and Wilmington, where they spoke to attendants Chris Larsen and Brandon Brassor, respectively, about the issue of trash left on roadways.
“Brandon said every week he does seven hours of cleanup on sides of the roads and that’s just in Wilmington,” said Trevor. “And when we visited Dover, Chris said that that morning he had found three trash bags of garbage on the side of the road.”
The IB program is a learning model used throughout the Dover School. It is an educational philosophy and approach rooted in inquiry-based learning and global thinking. 
“As part of being an IB school, we have a final project that is called exhibition, where we study a problem important to our community, and we focus on a problem that is global,” said Trevor. “We share the responsibility for caring for our world by taking action locally on global issues.”
Following the presentation, vice chair Vicki Capitani introduced a motion to add the sign. The motion passed unanimously. 

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