State burns fire department over base lodge fire training plans at mountain

The Carinthia Base Lodge at Mount Snow was to be burned for fire department training following the opening of the new lodge. That plan was denied by the state.

DOVER- At the Dover Selectboard’s meeting on Tuesday, fire chief Rich Werner said a planned burn of the old Carinthia Base Lodge at Mount Snow, which was to be used for fire department training, is a no-go. Werner also got the board’s go-ahead on a bid for epoxy coating on the floor of the firehouse and his plan to send the department’s ladder truck away for repairs. 
Werner said the planned burn of the base lodge was halted due to Act 250 permitting issues. 
“I was going to have a big fire drill and we were going to have economic development because one of the guys had already had five people who were going to come to town to watch it,” said Werner. “Somehow Act 250 got wind of it and put the kibosh on it. So we can’t burn it, but we can do some training in it. You need an Act 250 permit to burn the building for training for the fire department.” 
Board member Joe Mahon asked if there was any intervention the board could do, but Werner said to make it possible, Mount Snow would have to change their Act 250 permitting. Werner said he didn’t think so. 
“We got very well shut down and I was very angry and was considering making some phone calls,” said Werner. “But I don’t want to put Mount Snow in a bad spot.  We’re going to try to work it into future permits.” 
Werner said the department has been able to do some training, such as cutting holes in the roof, but nevertheless, the lack of a full burn drill is a disappointment. “You just don’t get buildings like that very often,” said Werner. 
In other fire department matters, the board approved a motion for Werner to hire Vermont Protective Coating to apply protective epoxy coating to the firehouse floor, with a possible moisture barrier if it’s deemed necessary. With the potential moisture barrier work, the cost will be $46,950.00.
Werner also let the board know he plans to send the department’s ladder truck away to have a microswitch replaced. “It’s trying to see if it’s level and secure to put the ladder up and if it’s not right you have to manually override and it beeps loudly at you,” said Werner. At the same time, Werner plans to have LED lights installed along the ladder. “The lights that are on there now are pretty dark,” he said. 
The repairs should take about a week. Werner said that because it’s the town’s only ladder truck, he’ll make neighboring towns aware they may need to provide backup during that period. 
“Just make sure not to plan it for a week when there’s a big festival,” said chair Josh Cohen.
“I’ll pick a week when there are no fires,” said Werner.

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