Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Republicans have long pushed the idea that lots of people on Social Security Disability are “fakers and takers” who don’t deserve those benefits.  That push intensified when the number of Social Security recipients increased significantly after the financial crash in 2008,...
To the Editor,
I am writing to thank Wilmington residents for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season.
Because of the generosity of donors in Wilmington and across the United States, Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s...
To the Editor,
A  copy of this letter was sent to chairman Philip Baruth and the Senate Committee on Education.
I am a mother of students currently in the Vermont school system, I was educated in Vermont and I have served six years as chair of the Searsburg School District. I am...
To the Editor, 
I just noticed our President is having a hard time again with facts again. He seems to think the Superbowl winners are from Kansas, not Missouri. 
And this guy has the power to launch nuclear weapons?!
Maybe someone should give our friends in Moscow, VT, a...
To the Editor,
It was Tuesday night and not too many restaurants were open in this area. I told my foodie friend I’m taking you to a surprise restaurant that served her favorite dish, stuffed shrimp scampi style. 
Living here 20 years she had no idea where we were going. I told her...
To the Editor, 
Readsboro Hometown Redevelopment offers thanks to everyone who helped with the holiday pop-up store. 
Donations of merchandise came from residents. Norma-Jean Marchegiani, of Readsboro, and Carolyn Miller, of East Lime, CT,  were major craft donors. Furnishings were...
To the Editor,
Bringing up yet another state-funded study on education funding is bound to induce eye-rolling around the Deerfield Valley. Nonetheless, I urge local residents to become familiar with the recent Pupil Weighting Factors Report that was championed, in part, by our local...
To the Editor,
Kudos to Lauren Harkawik on her lovely article about Lisle Hill Road, the original development of Wilmington on that road.  I knew the road had been called Town Hill Road and always wondered how it morphed into Lisle Hill Road.  Thanks to her article I now know that and a...
To the Editor,
What an interesting article on Wilmington’s Town Hill! I will look forward to more articles from The Deerfield Valley News as we approach Old Home Week, July 30 through August 2.
For your readers who may not be familiar with Old Home Week, it is a town celebration...
To the Editor,
On Friday, January 17, the Dover sixth grade took a mathematical field trip to Pizzapalooza in Marlboro. We have been studying ratios, rate, and proportion. Our studies included calculating tax, discounts, and tips. Sara Jasinski, owner of the restaurant, invited the sixth-...


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