Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
First of all, my deepest condolences to the Boyd family, which lost two brothers to a virus out of mainland China.  
I was prompted to write by the racist tone of a letter in the previous issue.  My comments are based on a lifelong experience with China, its people,...
By the time most people read this, we will be a month into the shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s hard to fathom that little more than a month ago life was going on pretty much as usual. 
Town Meeting had just taken place. The Twin Valley boys’ basketball team had just...
To the Editor,
We would like to thank the Wilmington Police, Dover Police, and Windham County Sheriff’s departments for their help guiding the flow of traffic from Twin Valley Elementary School past the Boyd Family Farm and up over the hill past the extended Boyd family homes to show the...
To the Editor,
I think Dover should organize a flea market for the American Pickers. Everyone in the community would be invited to set up a table and bring items or pictures of items they would like to sell. 
The pickers don’t do anything like this anywhere else.
We could set...
To the Editor
It’s called the Wuhan Virus or the Chinese Corona virus. We need to be reminded how a communist regime of nearly 1.5 billion people thinks about our society and culture. Apparently they have zero regard for us. Their unsanitary ways have led to pandemics, harmed our economy,...
To the Editor,
This week The Wilmington Old Home Week Committee had our monthly meeting by conference call. We are continuing to plan, as we have for the last 18 months, for Wilmington’s Old Home Week, scheduled for July 30 through August 2.
We know that it is possible that we may...
To the Editor,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire community for the support you have shown to Deerfield Valley Rescue.  It has been and always will be our priority to keep our staff, volunteers, and community healthy and safe.  These times have presented us with...
To the Editor,
Well, congratulations to the member’s club-group!
   Me, being a (transplant) local for 51-plus years, I’ve seen a lot in in this valley: change, growth, development, and on and on. I grew up here! 
I, being a “loco,” would like to see you all succeed in your...
To the Editor,
These are scary times. The first time in our lives when we are in such an immediate threat from a silent, unknown, underestimated entity. No doubt we are all frightened and are doing our best. We have taken note that pretty much all of the seasonal homes in our neighborhood...
To the Editor, 
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Stratton Foundation has established the Covid-19 Relief Fund to address the urgent needs of Vermont children and families. 
Families already living in economic hardship are now faced with the loss of hourly pay and...


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