Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
In a small community like this, when you need help your friends show up.
This week the Deerfield Valley Community Cares fund was the fortunate recipient of a large grant from the Deerfield Valley Lions Club.  
While there are a number of charitable...
To the Editor,
A C-SPAN caller voiced her fear that Democrats would get rid of Medicare and Social Security.  An article about Black men who support Trump mentioned concerns that Biden would cut Medicare and Social Security.  I’ve heard the same in everyday conversations.
That level...
To the Editor,
I would like to congratulate Julie and Nathan Moore on their awesome book “Images of America Wilmington VT.”
I purchased one for myself and enjoyed it so much that I ordered more copies for Christmas gifts. My family has been in Wilmington for well over a century and...
To the Editor,
I have lived here full time for 22 years and for 36 years prior I was a weekend second-home owner.  I know how it feels to believe you are a member of this community because you own property, pay your taxes, and love being here so much.  But right now with this pandemic, our...
Letter to the Editor
Like many of the events that support nonprofit groups in the valley the Boyd Family Farm “Farm to Table Dinner” fundraiser didn’t happen.  
Missing all of the loyal attendees, the great restaurants, and the amazing food were only a part of the issue.  We are...
To the Editor
Please know that the Loose Knit Group (LKG) of the West Dover Congregational Church has canceled the annual pie sale advertised earlier.  
As a result of Gov. Scott directives, we thought it best to cancel this years baking.  It was a difficult decision since this is...
To the Editor,
On behalf of the Twin Valley Boys Varsity Soccer team, I would like to thank the following people who played a part in making our championship Saturday the best.
 First, thanks to Jen Nilsen, Kevin Myers and Peter Veraguth (Swiss Alps Landscaping) for their assistance...
To the Editor,
Did I read this correctly?
Last week’s article in The Deerfield Valley News that covered a Twin Valley School Board meeting reported the board voted to spend $8,000 to hire a financial consultant to explain what the penalty box is, how to escape this penalty and how...
To the Editor,
You will forget about COVID and the coming elections when you dine at the Sawmill Bar and Table on Route 100
Yes, the Sawmill is back and thank God. We made a reservation last Friday night and met  Penny and Michael. They are part of a family-owned operation. Talking...
To the Editor,
In the last year or two more people have been writing about the rise of fascism around the world including here in the United States. People in some other countries are suffering tremendously because of the inability to meet physical and social needs. Some people are being...


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