Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
While I agree with the sentiment of Mary Brady’s letter to the editor regarding the “Silverstein letter,” I strongly disagree with her reasoning.
I believe most would agree that Mr. Silverstein’s letter was offensive and, at a minimum, borderline racist. I am...
To the Editor:
I recently became aware that the census return in Wilming­ton has been very low.  I believe it was under 10% return.  I heard someone mentioned that they could not do the census because they had not received the paperwork in the mail, and did not have the number they needed...
To the Editor,
Just by wearing a mask in indoor public places we can help flatten the curve we’ve all been seeing on TV and help stop spreading the coronavirus.  
This epidemic will not miraculously go away. Protecting yourself and shielding others by just wearing a mask is a no...
To the Editor,   
This is the Deerfield Valley Community Cares 2019-2020 end-of-heating season report. 
We had an early start to winter again this year.  October brought some cold nights and many people were not prepared to start laying out money for heat that early.  This seems to...
To the Editor,
The valley is losing a dedicated, generous, knowledgeable public servant. 
Wilmington Town Clerk Susie Haughwout is retiring and moving down south. This is a huge blow to the Dover Town Clerk’s Office. I will no longer be able to call her up when I’m wondering how to...
To the Editor,
My wife, daughter and I moved permanently here to our home in Wilmington in 2017, after having been a second homeowner here for 17 years prior. It was an easy decision. We’ve always felt welcomed. 
We were aware that the town had a fire department, but not how it...
To the Editor, 
Shouting “FIRE” in a crowded theater that is not on fire is not covered by freedom of the press, nor by freedom of speech, and neither of these principles are related to your decision to publish Silverstein’s letter. 
At an unprecedented time when all communities are...
To the Editor,
In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Rotary Club of the Deerfield Valley Fund Board has assessed the club’s commitment to the valley and its residents. We are working diligently to support the immediate needs of our community: food, fuel, and Deerfield Valley...
To the Editor, 
This week, May 4 to 8, is National Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. In previous years, members of the Twin Valley School Board have shown their appreciation by delivering some breakfast goodies to each school.  We can’t do that this year because the buildings are closed...
To the Editor:
On behalf of the Deerfield Valley Health Center and the Deerfield Valley Regional Advisory Board, I would like to thank the Vermont Community Foundation, in partnership with the Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust, for their donation of $10,000 to the Deerfield Valley Health...


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