Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Abigail Adams to John, “Don’t forget the ladies.” If no one listened to her what could she do? 
Question: Does the press have the right to abridge the so called “right to free speech?”
How would Mr. Silverstein enforce his right? Free speech, and free press,...
To the Editor,
The board of directors of the Deerfield Valley Food Pantry would again like to thank everyone who has made very generous donations to keep the food pantry going.  We are sorry that we don’t feel it is safe to accept food donations as the pandemic continues, but your...
To the Editor,
Only a person who’s against our First Amendment rights would be a sympathizer to an evil regime. 
As an American, I find it grossly offensive how anyone would scold a news source who respects and defends our First Amendment rights. I question their patriotism. The...
To the Editor,
Mr. Silverstein, why are you going out of your way to be greatly disliked? Why?
Restore your investment and frame up the interior, so that when you win your case, you need only do a minor adjustment. This town has enough problems without ugly buildings that need love...
To the Editor,
While waiting for a resolution to the COVID-19 crisis we need to be looking to the future of  health care in general. We have continued to struggle with unaffordable premiums, unaffordable deductibles, and unaffordable copays, forcing choices between health care and food,...
To the Editor,
For months now, I have watched and worked with others to engage like-minded individuals in support of the continued operation of Marlboro College with some success. Much to my amazement, many think that saving Marlboro is a lost cause--I know it is not. I was deeply involved...
To the Editor,
You are not alone— recovery supports are still available at Turning Point of Windham County. 
Even though our doors are closed during this shutdown, our staff is committed to helping through online and phone supports. 
If you’d like to speak with one of our...
To the Editor,
What a wonderful place we live. A place where community takes care of community from birth to death. Joy is shared as well as sadness touches all, full time residents, second -home owners and visitors. In this trying time of pandemic all our emotions are on high alert but...
To the Editor,
Thank you, Lu Scheier, for continuing to raise awareness about tAhe importance of wearing face masks. This is a very crucial thing for everyone to do. I certainly don’t like to wear one, and I don’t necessarily like to follow rules. But this is a critical rule. United States...
To the Editor,
This goes out to our family, friends, and community: thank you for being Boyd strong.
As our family grieves for the passing of Cleon and Leon Boyd, we wanted to let you all know how much each and everyone of you means to us. The outpouring of love and strength from...


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