Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Bravo on your April 16 editorial explaining the true meaning of freedom of the press to those in the community having temporary lapses on how to engage in civil discourse.
Selma Schiffer
To the Editor, 
Bernie left, but did not lose. 
Some have made a connection between the stock market rise and Bernie Sanders ending his run for president.  The connection likely is not that huge because this ending was inevitable.   
Yes, it is very good news that Sanders is...
To the Editor,
Who would have thought, wearing my mask and gloves since March 1, going outdoors, being a germaphobe, and still contracting the coronavirus.  I wouldn’t even wish this on my woodchuck, who lives under the barn.
Staying at Bennington hospital for seven days, I...
To the Editor,
I am writing in response to Mr. Silverstein’s letter of April 9, in which he asserts that Wilmington has been attacked by China. 
We are not under attack by China. Nor are we under attack by people with out of state license plates. Wilmington, if it is indeed under...
To the Editor,
I am so sorry that Eric L. Silverstein - see letter of April 9 in the Deerfield Valley News - has fallen ill.  
I believe he has a virus called trumpitis.  It is seen as an illness manifesting itself in individuals who cannot discern truth from fiction.  
To the Editor,
As we do our best to cope with the COVID-19 global pandemic, going to the store for essentials feels a bit scary right now. We all need stuff, so we do it. 
However, I am concerned and saddened when I go into a local market or store and some employees are not wearing...
To the Editor,
RE: Silverstein letter. 
Why on earth would you print such ignorant, inflammatory, and racist garbage? Well, on the other hand it does expose a clearly dangerous individual running amok in the community.  But still…
Mary Brady
To the Editor:
I am a Wilmington resident.  I’m writing to express my safety concerns for the community, my family and all workers in the valley of the consistency of customers who continue entering stores without wearing the recommended proper protections, browse and pick up items they...
To the Editor:
Food 4 Kids continues to provide for the children of our valley. Many school-aged children had been receiving free or reduced lunch daily, but the weekends continue to be tough. Sponsored by the Loose Knit Group (LKG) of the West Dover Congregational Church, Food 4 Kids was...
To the Editor,
Every day you wake up, head to the office, and work your tail off. You go home for the day. You’re still working until you close your eyes. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and begin working again. There are setbacks and there are comebacks. 


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