Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
The letters to the editor by Andrew Torre, Joseph Kruszewski, and Selma Schiffer have all been of great interest to me. Their concerns over economic equality are interesting; socialism versus capitalism.
America’s struggle with wealth, poverty, and race, when handled...
To the Editor, 
Why eat local food?
Not just because it tastes better and is healthier, but because knowing your farmers and food producers is good for your soul. Because knowing where your food comes from helps you understand your connection to your community, your bio-region, your...
To the Editor,
It was 1938 when Neville Chamberlain visited Adolph Hitler in Berlin and Berchtesgaden. He never saw the military buildup or the (hakenkruez) “shwarz sticker.” He must have been blind. 
Upon his return to England he announced “I have met with Herr Adolph Hitler and he...
To the Editor,
So I am becoming increasingly worried about the November election. Will we have an appropriate voting election? Or is fascism by way of Trump and his allies sneaking into our system, probably by the Manchurian Candidate scenario.
What can we do? I urge all people,...
To the Editor
The Whitingham Ladies Benevolent Society was organized in 1858, 162 years ago! 
Karen Sprague kindly hosts a bake sale for us at her sugarhouse most weekends she is open. Just recently one of our members, Anna Ryan, generously donated a beautiful quilt she made for us...
To the Editor
We would like to thank everyone who remembered Leonard’s 94th birthday.  Your acts of kindness made his day very special.  Thanks to those who dropped off food and to the East Dover Fire Company for their salute to their former Chief.
Thank you.
The Leonard Hall...
To the Editor
For the last 20 years, our public education system has overtaxed and underfunded schools in Vermont’s rural and poor towns. According to the Pupil Weighting Factors Report commissioned by the Legislature to study equity in Vermont’s Education Funding Formula, we incentivize...
To the Editor, 
On Wednesday, August 26, from 6 to 8 pm, Susie Manton Haughwout and Mark Haughwout will be having dinner at The Roadhouse restaurant located on Route 100 in Wilmington. 
Anyone who would like is welcome to join them for dinner, cocktails, coffee or dessert to wish...
To the Editor,
The coronavirus is from the hand of God.
As long as we keep performing abortions, euthanizing our elderly and infirm, and condoning perversion and immortality, this “plague” will be ongoing.
Lori Kowal
To the Editor,
At our southern borders, Donald Trump separates little children from their parents, and confines them to subpar facilities where several die. He ignores, dismisses, and refuses to take the remedial national action needed – such as shutting down businesses – in order to...


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