Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
To our family, friends, and community, we want to thank you all for your continued love and support for us as we continue to live each day without Cleon and Leon Boyd. It has meant so much to us.
We as a family have decided that we will do a celebration of life for...
To the Editor,
My name is Chris Walling and I am running for the vacant selectboard seat in the town of Whitingham.  I urge all registered voters in the town of Whitingham to go to the polls and vote on Tuesday, October 13.  
I would really appreciate your support and will represent...
To the Editor,
Cry,  my beloved country! As I sit here and write Tuesday morning, I have no idea what news Friday will bring when The Deerfield Valley News will be distributed.
But this is what I do know.  We have an unhinged president in the White House.  We must vote as if our...
To the Editor,
Dear Community,
This is a message from the West Dover Congregational Church, United Church of Christ on Route 100. We may not be in our church building, but we want you to know that we are still doing church.
We worship in new ways each week, our committees are...
To the Editor,
The following was taken from the Deerfield Valley Times of January 5, 1912.
“Watterson’s fear of the President: The old man eloquent of American journalism, Colonel Henry Watterson, is shrieking forth his alarm lest the President becomes President a third time....
To the Editor,
I like Donald Trump. He tells it like it is. If he’s elected, you know what you’re getting. Other politicians will tell you what you want to hear ... until they get elected.
Lori Kowal
To the Editor,
In the heat and noise of this Presidential campaign we need to stop and think: What is the key issue in this political race? What is the key issue for us to vote?
To me that issue is – which candidate will better stand up to China.
The communist regime wants to...
Editor's note: The following is a "My Turn" op-ed by Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos
Many of us love going to the polls on Election Day. Joining in person with our friends, family, and neighbors to participate in the civic process is something I look forward to every election year....
To the Editor, 
In the 1990s, my wife and I bought a home in Vermont. We lived there and raised a family. Our kids went to school there. We ran a small business, and made lasting friendships in a close community.
But as time went on, Vermont became a less affordable place to live....
To the Editor,
The Legislature’s Global Warming Solutions Act has been a centerpiece of the legislative session. It has become something of a rallying cry, an outlet even, for our collective concern and well-founded worry about our changing climate. Legislators have presented this bill as...


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