Letters to the Editor

To the Editor, 
The Dover Selectboard would like to invite the community to meet Sergeant Michael Arbogast, the police chief candidate, and ask any questions you have.
The open event is being held at the Dover Free Library, 22 Holland Road, this Sunday, June 4, from 2 to 3 pm. Light...
To the Editor,
As a small business owner in Vermont, and a member of Main Street Alliance, I urge the Legislature to pass a universal paid family and medical leave program.
We employ about 50 individuals and on a daily basis we witness the challenges of balancing work and personal...
To the Editor, 
Sometime in the the late 1980s, Wilmington Town Manager Sonia Alexander asked if I would paint the 1938 flood level on the side of the Wilmington Town Hall.  I was happy to do it and it immediately drew interest of locals and visitors as we thought about an important part...
To the Editor, 
My name is Nate Linder. I am 9 years old and I live in Wilmington. I think that we should have the flood lines put back on the town building.
I think that it is very symbolic to the town and it is important because some of these people have lived through horrible...
To the Editor, 
Vermont’s housing crisis has highlighted not only the lack of adequate housing in the state but also the lack of an adequate workforce to build new homes. We will need thousands of new builders to join our existing contractor community. Along with the challenges of doing so...
To the Editor,
The Vermont Senate voted to repeal the brand-new Child Tax Credit in order to redirect funds to early care and education. But there is no reason to pit the two against each other. Vermont needs both. The credit, which Vermonters can now claim for tax year 2022, allows...
To the Editor, 
Approximately 57 community members of all ages met at the Dover School on a beautiful, sunny Green Up Day to volunteer their time to help clean up our town. In addition, quite a few other volunteers picked up bags from the Town Office and helped Green Up throughout the week...
To the Editor,
The following was sent to Vermont legislators by a group of 30 concerned students.
We are a coalition of concerned youth who are writing to you about the current homelessness crisis. Last year, we all signed a letter demanding that the General Assistance motel program...
To the Editor, 
A house fire is a shockingly traumatic event filled with all manner of sorrow and loss. The site of  such a misfortune should never be treated like a ‘free for all’ by curious, greedy scavengers. 
Sometime in the last week of April, before the 29th, my bright orange...
To the Editor, 
The members of Deerfield Valley Rescue Inc. would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Bears Crossing community for a donation of $2,358.96. We have purchased an electronic drug box for our new ambulance with this money.
It is with the help and support of...


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