Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
This year’s Deerfield Valley Food Pantry annual bike ride was the most successful one yet.  Nearly $4,900 was raised to help support our mission, helping families in the Deerfield Valley meet their basic food needs.
Many, many thanks to the Valley View Saloon for...
To the Editor,
The Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules voted recently to approve a new rule on gender affirming surgery for the treatment of gender dysphoria. Vermont Legal Aid testified in support of this rule, which clarifies access to medically necessary surgery for the...
To the Editor:
St. Mary’s in the Mountains Episcopal Church in Wilmington is pleased to announce the donations received from our September 20th Red Door Concert exceeded $640.
All donations will directly benefit the Deerfield Valley Community Cares heating fund.  
The Red...
To the Editor
Just a quick note to thank and praise the Deerfield Valley Community Cares for their outstanding support for local people.  
Neighbors in this valley often find it difficult to prosper. Rents keep rising, heating gets out of control, bills tower on the counter.
To the Editor,
Putting aside our differences in politics, we’ve all come to count on our first responders and the services they provide as a “given.” We know that if, in that dreaded circumstance, we have to call 911 for an emergency, we’ll have a reassuring voice on the other line, ready...
To the  Editor,
Isn’t it strange that Wilmington enacted a law eliminating plastic bags with the intent to protect the environment, and the next day they removed the recycle area that was useful to us citizens for recycling plastic, et al? 
Every one of us pay a 1% sales tax to the...
To the Editor,
Corporations without commitments to social and environmental impact focus on turning a profit and producing products as cheaply as possible. While this sounds reasonable from an economic perspective, human health is the primary cost. Genetics and gene mutations cause cancer...
To the Editor,
Last month, the Trump administration announced its latest attempt to take food away from over three million working families, people with disabilities, and older Americans in need by proposing to force Vermont and 42 other states to change the way they have run the SNAP...
To the Editor,
The Living History Association is busy preparing to play a role in marketing the Deerfield Valley through the creation of a quarterly newspaper devoted to the historical and recreational resources in the valley. This publication will be tied into a “Self-guided Historical...
To the Editor,
Thank you to the Twin Valley classes of 2019 and 2022 for the donations to Jessica’s Closet. 
Your donations will help offset operating costs such as rent and dry cleaning.  I am very appreciative for your generosity and fundraising efforts. 
Jessica’s Closet...


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