Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Takeout tonight? Well, if your talking about Chinese takeout, surprisingly there’s none in our town. Don’t you think it’s about time? Remember that rich and colorful food, aromatic flavor and excellent taste being it’s main features? With all those characteristics, it’s not...
To the Editor, 
My name is Greg Brown.  I served on the Whitingham Selectboard from 2004 to 2019 and joined again in 2021. Before 2004, I worked on the town highway crew. I have years of experience and a clear understanding of how all aspects of the town functions.  My many years on the...
To the Editor,
A revised ordinance has been posted for public review. If no petition to request a vote to disapprove the ordinance has been submitted by Friday, February 25, this ordinance will go into effect. It is available for review on our website at www.northbranchfiredistrict.com. It...
To the Editor,
Proposal 5, the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, which has been in the Legislature since 2019, is almost certainly finally going to be voted on this year. If approved, it will give Vermont voters a chance to amend our constitution to include protections for reproductive...
To The Editor,
Learn about the world you live in and, if you can, please donate to acluvt.org, windhamnaacp.org, and blacklivesmatter.com.
Sue Graup
To the Editor,
Gov. Phil Scott, are you not aware of the dangers of wireless radiation, believing instead that your 100 tower program is promoting safety? Science made your vaccine effective. Science made your child’s birth safe. But you don’t believe it when thousands of non-industry-...
To the Editor,
Wilmington’s Old Home Week was six months ago. While time marches on, it is great to think back to that meaningful and fun event - the Adams Farm kickoff party, the village night, the marvelous parade, to name just a few of the events, and of course the wonderful renewing of...
To the Editor,
It only takes just a few minutes online to get a snapshot of America in 2022: a country divided; a digital battleground of rhetoric, where information is wielded as a weapon.
We hold faith that we can still heal this divide when we focus on our shared values and learn...
To the Editor,
What would your reaction be if you were told that 93% of Vermont is covered by “state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure?” If you’re like me, you’d be more than surprised. You wouldn’t believe it! Yet that is exactly what the state’s Annual Outcomes Report claims....
To the Editor,
I continue to hear calls for exempting rehabilitation of older buildings from the requirements of Vermont’s rules on accessibility for those disabled.  The usual claims are that retrofitting older buildings is too expensive, that it discourages rehab projects, and deprives...


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