Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Our friends in the Deerfield Valley, the Loose Knit Group of the West Dover Congregational Church held their annual attic sale recently and this community again helped us raise funds that we return to the church and community.  To be a success this event requires that we are...
To the Editor, 
With 10 of Vermont’s 30 state senators stepping down, including both senators from Windham County, we need someone with experience in government to represent us in Montpelier. That would be Wendy Harrison.    
Since moving to Vermont full time in 2015, Wendy’s had...
To the Editor,
In my 11 years as a student in a classroom, I have learned and observed many different classroom skills and learning styles. After attending school during a global pandemic, student and teacher attitudes have changed the learning quality and environment tremendously. Many...
To the Editor,
Tristan Roberts is an honest man of deep thought and integrity and will have my vote for state representative for residents in Halifax, Whitingham - our home from 1988 to 1992 - and Wilmington - our home for the last 30 years.
Tristan knows Halifax well, having lived...
To the Editor,
On the evening of Monday, June 27, at 7 pm, folks from Heartwellville, Readsboro, Searsburg, Wilmington, Jacksonville, and Whitingham gathered at the informational meeting held at the Whitingham Community Church with guest speaker Republican candidate for US Senate Gerald...
To the Editor,
I will try to keep this short and sweet.
For those of you who may not have heard, Shelley and I are headed to North Carolina.   I applied for and matched with a fellowship program in sports medicine in Asheville, NC. This is for one year, starting July 2022 until July...
To the Editor,
On my front steps, there lies a stepping stone. It comes from an old wall in the secluded woods of Halifax. Tristan Roberts gave it to me as a parting gift the day we met at his house. He told me that with this gift, he’s making a long-term investment in our friendship....
To the Editor,
Thank you, Kitty Toll.  
It is important that capable women step up if we are ever going to change the miasma of our present political culture.  From the four years we served together on the House Appropriations Committee I know firsthand how capable you are.  ...
To the Editor, 
When turning down Beaver Street off Main Street in Wilmington, Payne Junker’s eye-catching “Timeless Connections” metal wall sculpture, the 80-foot public art project completed just last month, greets your eyes to the left. 
Just down the hill on the right the new...
To the Editor,
In 2021 Vermont received the largest ever amount of federal money for a variety of projects and causes. Although much of this was inflationary, just-printed money, most of it came from us, the taxpayers. 
Yet, given a chance to ease the burden of high gas prices,...


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