Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
The conservative-libertarian corruption of language is both horrible and, I suspect, much of the reason for their success in opposing real health care and most other things that would benefit ordinary people … the same ordinary people who vote for those conservatives and...
To the Editor,
Given that the standard in Vermont concerning the disposal of food scraps as well as waste is to compost rather than to dispose of it in the trash, questions have arisen within my mind about whether it should still be permissible within the state to dispose of food scraps as...
To the Editor, 
There are signs calling for lawmakers to show strong leadership to support law enforcement efforts across our state. You just have to listen to what was said at the November 2 Rutland City town hall public safety meeting and at the Rutland City board of alderman meeting on...
To the Editor,
I’ve been thinking about short-term rentals a lot lately, especially after the Wilmington Planning Commission’s hearing on October 23.
First of all, regulating STRs is a tough problem to solve and there is no one solution that will please everyone. I have sympathy for...
To the Editor,
The Rotary Club of the Deerfield Valley makes grants to organizations to help support community betterment, education, disaster relief, and programs that assist disadvantaged community members.
Last year we awarded more than  $35,000 to fund 20 projects. The average...
To the Editor,
Soon it will be open season for deer hunting.  It’s already open season for us seniors.  We are getting shot full of ads for Medicare Advantage plans.  
They aim to tell us that these plans are superior to original Medicare.  Many of us know that this is a tall tale...
To the Editor,
I want to give a big thank you to Caroline and Steven at Big Bears Lodge for letting me stay there, and to the community for reaching out with support during this time of need after the Aldrich family home had a fire. 
It is hard to let go after 72 years there. ...
To the Editor, 
My wife Alice and I have “discovered” Alpenglow. A new addition to the valley, this charming little bistro situated in the middle of downtown Wilmington offers an outstanding culinary experience with a mid-European flair. 
The items we selected from its interesting...
To the Editor, 
We can’t afford to keep making the same mistakes. 
Why have certain initiatives produced positive results for some and, despite best intentions, negatively impacted others? Understanding the answer to that question is paramount for any effort to improve economic...
To the Editor,
The Paris Climate Accords were ratified in 2015 and have gained 195 signatories since. Most experts agree that a two-degree (Celsius) increase in global temperatures would avoid the worst impacts of climate change and that a four-degree increase would be devastating. But how...


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