Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
The members of Deerfield Valley Rescue Inc. would like to express our sincere appreciation to Epic Promise Employee Foundation, Mount Snow, and staff for the generous donation from the chair auction.  Mike Mannhaupt, Brian Meaney, and Heidi Taylor, of DVR were presented with...
To the Editor,
On behalf of The Deerfield Valley Food Pantry Board of Directors I want to extend sincere appreciation to two local businesses for their recent donations.  
Shaw’s Supermarkets and their parent company, Albertson’s, donated gift cards from money collected through...
To the Editor,
The January 26 edition of the Deerfield Valley News had a letter from Nicki Steel talking about community and connection.  For those of you who missed her letter it was very well written, and it was definitely on point.
Even prior to the pandemic restrictions...
To the Editor,
Wilmington’s Town Meeting day is coming up Tuesday, March 7, and will be held at the Old School Community Center (former Twin Valley High School) at 1 School Street for the first time in several years.  
Town Meetings originated in early New England towns when people...
To the Editor,
I strongly encourage all Wilmington voters to vote no on Articles 30 and 31 on Town Meeting day. If passed, these articles would end the traditional event we call Town  Meeting as we know it.
We live in a time when more local participation in governance, not less, is...
To  the Editor:
I see from the Wilmington Town Meeting warning that right at the end of the warnings are two articles related to going to Australian ballot and doing away with our Town Meeting.
It is important that Wilmington voters know that this means that annual Town Meetings...
To the Editor,
What used to be called “catastrophic” insurance has been rebranded as “high deductible” insurance.  It used to be on the cheaper side because the insurance company’s liability didn’t kick in until you had already paid a large amount.  While you were covered if something...
To the Editor,
On Sunday, January 22, we should have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade; instead, our country is confronting a stark reality in which younger generations have fewer rights than the last and one in three Americans no longer have the right to safe, legal...
To the Editor,
I grew up in a family of five generations of Vermonters. When I was young I hunted with my father. Later in life I hunted with a bird dog. In my family we hunted in the fall, skied in the winter, and fished in the summer. We took mud season off. I have the deepest respect...
To the Editor,
The members of Deerfield Valley Rescue Inc. would like to express our sincere appreciation to American Flatbread Company and staff for the generous donation from the January 31 fundraiser. It is with your help and support that we are able to continue our work.


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