Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Come on.  Spread the news and stop trying to drag people into subscribing. You are the only news some people get! Shame on you.
Tom Veto, Springfield, MA
To the Editor,
On behalf of the Jacksonville Community Church I would like to thank all who have donated to our renovation fund at the church. We are so grateful for the kind generosity and significant donations we have received to date. The church is currently in the process of...
To the Editor,
Having used Maple Leaf Carpentry in East Dover for two smaller jobs, we were comfortable using its owner, Nick Craft, when we decided to replace our home’s original windows.
Once again Nick provided a quality job, priced as promised. the attention to detail and...
To the Editor,
The Old School Enrichment Center has experienced an amazing gift from community members that continues to demonstrate the support that the old school project enjoys.  
Months ago, Chris Zizza, president of  C&R  Flooring in Framingham, MA, a Wilmington second-home...
To the Editor,
This year’s benefit bike ride for the Deerfield Valley Food Pantry was a whopping success!   $3,857 was raised to help feed families in the Deerfield Valley.
A huge thank you to Valley View Saloon and its crew for sponsoring and supporting this annual event--it wouldn...
To the Editor,
Patrick Leahy occupies the United States  Senate seat once held by George Aiken, and a century before Aiken, by Justin Morrill.
Aiken and Morrill are two of the most and consequential and distinguished senators to ever serve our nation.
Morrill was a key source...
To the Editor,
In April 2015, the Vermont Legislature passed House Bill 361, better known as Act 46, with bold promises of increasing efficiency, lowering property taxes, and creating greater  educational equity “for the children”  These promises were false.  Instead, this law is forcing...
To the Editor,
On behalf of the Deerfield Valley Community Cares, I want to thank a lot of people for helping to put on the Best Dam Run and Walk in Vermont this year.  It was held on Saturday, August, 25, and the Rotary Club again stepped up to do all of the heavy lifting.  We had a nice...
To the Editor,
We have a former legislator and a current legislator, and we suffer with a destroyed road on Route 9, Wilmington West, and Route 100, Wilmington to Dover, is best called “pot hole alley.” Is it not possible that they have one time or another offended the highway department...
To the Editor,
Trapping has been a method used by humans to capture animals for hundreds of years and the traps used today are not dissimilar to those used back in the 1700s. With modernization and the growing concern for animal ethics, the practice of trapping animals is largely viewed as...


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