Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
I took exception to your views and examples of mail-in voting in the February 25 edition.
Mentioned was the Civil War’s 1864 mail-in voting for the presidential election. Lincoln had grave doubts about his ability to win the election and save the country from breaking...
To the Editor:
In last week’s edition a writer from Readsboro expressed worry about H.54. This bill proposes to implement the recommendations in the 2019 Pupil Weighting Factors Report. The weighting study was commissioned because of concerns about whether the existing funding formula was...
To the Editor,
I have read H.54 numerous times and have listened to school board meetings where it has been discussed. There are some important points that have not been openly discussed but would be of great importance within our district.
This bill seems to address the...
To the Editor,
Beth Pearce’s proposal to decimate Vermont’s teacher retirement pension is unethical and shortsighted. The pension isn’t a gift from the government; it’s from funds built by teacher contributions over years. Five to 6% of a teacher’s salary is redirected to the pension fund...
To the Editor,
Like so many Vermonters, we were sickened and angered by the experiences of the Vermont women of color in the VTDigger article entitled, “As women of color leave Rutland and Bennington counties, Vermonters reckon with racism.” These stories are horrifying. And also, not...
To the Editor,
It has been almost a year since our local provider of adult day care, The Gathering Place (in Brattleboro and in West Dover), had to close their doors due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The director, staff, and board of trustees, however, have used those months to make...
To the Editor,
How often does an education reform bill pass on a voice vote in the Vermont Legislature? From experience, I can tell you it is about as rare as the same type of legislation passing unanimously. That is, very rare indeed.
Yet, when the Vermont Legislature contemplated...
To the Editor,
The largest nonprofit media organization in Vermont history, VPR and Vermont PBS,  will soon have 117 employees, annual budget of $18 million, and $91 million in assets.
How many at your local newspaper? Their budget? Local newspapers will soon face new competition...
Note: This originally appeared in the Deerfield Valley News print edition as a "My Turn" op-ed.  Marc Shauber is a Dover resident.
On the topic of public schools having to pay tuition for private religious schools.
First, I want to acknowledge that while I am a member of the River...
To the Editor,
My letter published January 28 was written to advise North Branch Fire District customers of policy changes, increased costs, and the inconsistent and unjust application of their policies.
The NBFD reply published February 18 puts forth an explanation of their cost-of...


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