Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Happy New Year! On January 7 the 2020 legislative session began. Legislators, community members, leaders, and activists convened in Montpelier to share priorities, ideas, needs and challenges. Through committee work, public forums, citizen engagement and data analysis,...
To the Editor,
The secret is out, Vermont has a communist junior senator. However, he’s forgotten about us. Vermont is no longer a priority for Red Bernie. This communist thinks he can be our next president. What has he done for southern Vermont? He’s been useless to us! He’s flown away on...
To the Editor,
As a lifelong Vermont independent voter I am giving my full endorsement to Meghan Hansen to become the next lieutenant governor of Vermont in 2020. After fully researching her qualifications based on several important criteria, I am highly recommending Vermont voters take a...
To the Editor,
I would like to thank the young lady and the gentlemen who helped me when I had a problem in the Walgreen’s parking lot on Thursday morning, January 9. 
William Clarke
To the Editor,
The board of directors and volunteers who staff the Deerfield Valley Food Pantry wish to thank all those who attended and those who donated monetarily and/or donated non-perishable foods at our annual Holiday Concert on December 6 at Memorial Hall.  
The talented...
To the Editor,
The 2020 lieutenant governor’s race is not about the left versus the right. It is about the past versus the future.  A recent article, where I learned about Sen. Ashe’s decision, illustrates the deep divide between the prison guards of the past and our forward-looking “Small...
To the Editor,
Generations of Marlboro College alumni are asking college president Kevin Quigley and the college’s trustees to seek out alternatives to its current closure plan while there’s still time.
Under the plan, announced this fall, Emerson College will take over the college’...
To the Editor,
The Soviet Stalinist system isn’t working for Wilmington.  By spending $250,000 on a feasibility study, our boards and elected officials are creating a false illusion of growth for our town. We have a decreasing population, our aging population is leaving. Is there a doctor...
To the Editor, 
Hooray! Sushi is back. 
Waiting a few years in town for Chinese, Thai, even Korean food, we lucked out with award winning Chef Sang Choi and his fresh Sushi at Nosh restaurant, Route 100, in  Dover.  
Just walk up the stairs to The Loft from Thursday to Sunday...
To the Editor,
It was another amazing year for the Deerfield Valley Holiday Food Baskets program in 2019.  Members of the Whitingham-Halifax Lions and Readsboro Lions joined with Rotary Club of Deerfield Valley in a massive project to buy, pack, and deliver tons of food, serving nearly 300...


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