Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Dear Twin Valley School Board,
We certainly don’t know all the details of the various issues of concern surrounding Twin Valley Middle High School, but have read the recent write-ups in the Valley News.   The resignation of  two administrative members as well as a...
To the Editor,
The Whitingham and Jacksonville Green Up day was a great success! About 40 volunteers greened up most of the roads in Whitingham and Jacksonville.  Thank you to all who came out to help clean up our town. 
Thank you to the Whitingham-Halifax Lions Club for providing a...
To the Editor,
I just want to thank everybody that participated with Green Up Day.  We had a variety of people ranging from 4 months to 79 years old. I’m so glad that the people of Readsboro take pride in how the town looks.  Special thanks to the American Legion Post 29 for lunch. ...
To the Editor,
While the phrase “(c) A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus shall not have independent rights under Vermont law.“ was removed from the bill, giving the “right” to terminate a pregnancy up to the point of birth ipso facto denies the natural rights of the unborn child.
To the Editor,
A big thank you to everyone in Wilmington who helped make Green Up Day so successful!  
There were at least 117 people who picked up over 225 bags of roadside litter.  Volunteers included teens, families, and senior citizens.  In addition, there was a concerted effort...
To the Editor,
To the voters of Whitingham: My name is Scott Reed and I have lived in Whitingham for 30 years. I came here right after graduating from high school to work with my father. I am a taxpayer and have raised three kids in town, one of which is still in high school.
I run...
To the Editor,
Did you know cigarette butts are not biodegradable?  Littered cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals into the environment and can contaminate water.  According to the Ocean Conservancy, cigarette butts are the most prevalent form of litter on earth.  In honor of Green Up Day...
To the Editor,
I have been a resident of West Dover for many years. I have resided at Timber Creek for 20 years. For all of these years we have had a blinking red light. Because of an accident three months ago at the entrance to Mount Snow, the light was broken and has never been replaced...
To the Editor,
On Saturday, May 4, Wilmington and towns throughout Vermont will participate in Vermont’s annual Green Up Day. It is a time when volunteers come out to help clean up roadside litter.  We hope you will join us.
The purpose of designating the first Saturday in May each...
To the Editor,
Before one more week goes by I’m seizing the moment to thank you (and DVN) for your responsible editorials.
This week’s focus on proficiency-based learning explains in clear terms the PBL dilemma. (Our granddaughter, a sophomore at South Burlington High School, has...


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