Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
I have been a resident of West Dover for many years. I have resided at Timber Creek for 20 years. For all of these years we have had a blinking red light. Because of an accident three months ago at the entrance to Mount Snow, the light was broken and has never been replaced...
To the Editor,
On Saturday, May 4, Wilmington and towns throughout Vermont will participate in Vermont’s annual Green Up Day. It is a time when volunteers come out to help clean up roadside litter.  We hope you will join us.
The purpose of designating the first Saturday in May each...
To the Editor,
Before one more week goes by I’m seizing the moment to thank you (and DVN) for your responsible editorials.
This week’s focus on proficiency-based learning explains in clear terms the PBL dilemma. (Our granddaughter, a sophomore at South Burlington High School, has...
To the Editor,
I am prompted to write after reading Tylor Colford’s letter of last week on abortion.
Facts matter.  With regard to the gestation of the next generation of humans, and regardless of whether the source of one’s underlying belief system derives from divine intervention...
To the Editor,
On car trips through New England, my dad used to say that he could always tell when he was in Vermont because there weren’t any billboards blocking the beautiful views. He instilled in me a love of Vermont so strong that I couldn’t help but move here for school. 
To the Editor,
Many thanks to the 35 people who endured the cold weather and walked all or part of the way from Middlebury to Montpelier and the 300 more who gathered at the Statehouse to request the Legislature to take strong action on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. I had hoped to...
To the Editor,
Most Americans cannot even correctly define socialism, yet they have been successfully propagandized into having a knee-jerk aversion to it. Trump and his conservative cohorts, in attempting to retain power, are trading on this bias by painting progressives as socialists.  ...
To the Editor,
Despite Gov. Phil Scott’s $8 million commitment to restoring Vermont’s waterways and funding clean water initiatives in his recent budget proposal, the Vermont Legislature has so far failed to live up to their responsibilities to help ensure we all have clean water.
To the Editor,
We were greatly encouraged in reading last week’s DVN article, “Trout bums working to turn Deerfield Valley into fly-fishing mecca.” We have long believed that the Deerfield Valley offers such potential and are glad to learn of actual steps taken by others in realizing this...
To the Editor,
This letter is directed at the registered voters of the town of Whitingham. Since I serve as the Town Moderator, I have been asked to chair the Meet the Candidates  gathering on  Tuesday, April 23, at  the Whitingham Municipal Center.
There are five individuals...


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