Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Mike Fisher, Vermont’s health care advocate, recently wrote that low-income seniors and people with a disability on Medicare are struggling with the high costs of the program. He is encouraging the legislature and the Scott administration to support H.118 and S.61, twin...
To the Editor,
Economic justice is a civil liberties issue. The Fair Share for Vermont campaign is calling for Vermont’s wealthiest residents to pay their fair share in taxes so we can build a better state for all of us.   
As part of this campaign, the ACLU of Vermont and our...
To the Editor,
The Twin Valley high school students that are going to the Galapagos are still fundraising. We would like to thank the community for the past support. In the next two months we have a lot more fun events to get the community involved. Put these on your calendar: Bingo night...
To the Editor,
What does it mean to be fiscally responsible? When it comes to transportation, it means being clear about where the rubber meets the road.
Like other states, we pay for our transportation program using a mix of funding sources. Revenue comes from the gas and diesel...
To the Editor,
My son is addicted to vaping. He started when friends introduced him to a flavored vape product in high school when he was 17 and is now struggling to quit at 24. He’s part of Vermont’s youth tobacco addiction crisis that demands action, on two fronts.
We can...
To the Editor,
I may vote for Donald Trump this year.  After all he was impeached only twice.  He has only been charged in four criminal cases. There is the hush money case in which he is alleged to have falsified business records in connection with a payoff for a sexual encounter with...
To the Editor,
Congratulations to South Korea for finally joining Western civilization in banning dog meat trade.
When will we be taking the next civilized step of banning all animal meat trade? What ever makes dogs more deserving of life and liberty than cows and pigs?
To the Editor,
Snow and ice in New England this time of year are no surprise. We can’t control the elements that winter delivers but, for your letter carrier, these conditions can make delivering your letters and packages a lot more challenging.
Winter walking and driving are never...
To the Editor,
Snow globes are popular and soothing.  What’s not to like about a glass globe with a pleasant scene inside, with snow gently falling whenever you shake the globe? But what if those falling flakes are actually bits of greed, corruption, violence, and ignorance?
To the Editor,
I recently turned down a deal with the devil. Two lobbyists with Altria, a big tobacco company, reached out to me because of my work with Vermont’s recovery and harm reduction community. They tried to convince me that flavored tobacco products serve as a “coping mechanism”...


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