Letters to the Editor

To the Editor, 
There’s a new guy in town. 
When power went out on Friday night our generator was not operational. Our generator in the past was serviced by a local electrician who no longer does that type of servicing. They recommended another electrician who would now be servicing...
To the Editor,
Vermonters have waited a long time for the free market to provide high-speed broadband, that essential 21st-century communication asset, to every home and business in Vermont. Towns across Vermont formed committees, often prompted by selectboards, to address the lack of...
To the Editor
I would like to publicly recognize our local Shaw’s supermarket employees and management and their corporate parent company for their very generous support of the Deerfield Valley Food Pantry through their Holiday Nourishing Neighbor Campaign, conducted through the November-...
To the Editor,
After reading Tyson Dix’s thank you note in the paper last week, I was reminded that we do live in one awesome community.
Jacksonville is totally awesome!
Dave and I have had a difficult year but everywhere people have been getting us through with helpful hands...
To the Editor,
To my friends and neighbors: I was completely blown away by the gift basket,  exploding with “goodies,” that I found at my door. Thank you so much for the surprise and all the really good stuff.
I deeply appreciate the thoughts that brought you to my house.
To the Editor,
I wanted to write this letter to thank all of the community members involved in recognizing many businesses and town service departments. I came into work on a Monday and hanging in our entryway was a 4-inch-high homemade “Gold Medal.” It was personalized and you could tell...
To the Editor,
We’re writing to ask that all Vermont residents contact Sen. Leahy’s and Sen. Sanders’ offices regarding House bill HR1 now before the Senate.
Vermont had its election policies as a state in place before the Federal Government was created.
Now more than ever,...
To the Editor,  
Three months into 2021 we have endured the health, societal, and economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our country is experiencing the greatest political and social discord in recent memory, and we just emerged from the most contentious presidential election...
To the Editor,
Climate change threatens to destroy everything you care about. It is the one of the biggest threats to prosperity and security we have ever faced. If we lose the fight against climate change, every other cause becomes lost. The good news is that addressing climate change...
Note: This originally appeared as a "My Turn" op-ed in the print edition of The Deerfield Valley News Equity can’t wait!
Our Vermont legislators recently commissioned a state-of-the-art study to investigate how best to apportion funds to schools equitably. Unfortunately for the students...


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