Community brought happy tears to our eyes!

To the Editor,
Wow!  Another reminder to my family and me of what a fantastic, loving community we share.  As most of you probably know I have been touched with a bit of cancer in the form of malignant melanoma.  
Starting three years ago I had a rather large growth removed followed by an even larger excision.  All tests were coming back fine for three years and then I found an enlarged lymph node that turned out to be cancerous.  Long story short, another surgery and six weeks recovery, 12 infusions of immunotherapy over the next 12 months started last Tuesday at SVMC.  All looks good!
This past week I was shocked to open a card sent to my office and find two gifts from our community to show your support. One through the Guy Hawkins Foundation and the other through Twice Blessed Community Foundation.  There have also been other community members and friends who have sent over meals and other gifts to help during times of trouble.   
Please accept our great big thank you to all of you in our community!  You brought happy tears to our eyes!
Steve Goldfarb

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