Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
Renewable Energy Vermont is promoting more wind energy to be built in Vermont.  They are calling for “responsibly-sited wind projects.” What does that mean?
When residents of Morgan learned that industrial wind developer David Blittersdorf bought land on a ridgeline...
To the Editor,
Record heat waves in America and Europe endanger millions as wildfires rage in a brutal manifestation of man-induced global warming.
Each of us can reduce our personal contribution by cutting back on consumption of animal foods, which account for a whopping portion of...
To the Editor,
Medicare’s goal is to have all traditional Medicare recipients in managed care arrangements by 2030 - see https://innovation.cms.gov/strategic-direction-whitepaper, page 13. That’s bureaucratic speak for privatizing Medicare. The millions of people on Medicare will be...
To the Editor,
 I’m writing in support of Tristan Roberts, who is running for what is currently John Gannon’s position in the Vermont House of Representatives, representing Halifax, Whitingham, and Wilmington.
I was delighted to find that Tristan was running for the position because...
To the Editor,
Wichie Artu is the right person to be Windham County’s next senator.
His experience with state policy making and helping craft state legislation has given him a strong foundation in the workings of Vermont state government. 
Wichie has immense experience...
To the Editor,
Nader Hashim, of Dummerston, is the experienced candidate to replace retiring Windham County senators Becca Balint and Jeanette White.
A former Windham-4 state representative for Dummerston, Putney, and Westminster, Hashim knows firsthand how our Legislature works and...
To the Editor,
We endorse Tristan Roberts for nomination and election to the Windham-6 House seat of the general assembly. A graduate of Marlboro College, father, business owner, and longtime Halifax resident, Tristan serves on the Halifax Selectboard and is a leader in the effort to bring...
To the Editor,
For democracies to work, voters need to be informed on the issues and the candidates. That’s not easy to figure out most of the time, so too many people vote based on political party or whether they know the candidate or whether someone they know has recommended the...
To the Editor,
I met Nader Hashim many years ago when he ran for Windham-4 state representative  but I had seen him around the community for years. He would regularly stop into the Putney Food Co-op at the end of his shift as a Vermont state trooper, still wearing his uniform. He was...
To the Editor,
I appreciated Gerald Malloy coming to Whiting­ham on Tuesday, July 19. He was excellent at presenting his thoughts and history. I enjoyed his wife’s input also. He is running for the US Senate. He appears to be on a good page for putting my country back on a great track. He...


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