Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
On behalf of The Deerfield Valley Food Pantry board of directors I want to thank American Flatbread, of Dover, for sponsoring a very successful fundraiser to benefit the food pantry.  
The funds raised from a portion of each pizza sold, along with the proceeds from...
To the Editor,
We owe a debt of gratitude to the extremely dedicated and heroic members of the Readsboro Fire Department, who selflessly volunteered their own lives, safety, and time Monday night, March 6, to serve and protect the welfare of the members of their community.   They...
To the Editor,
Building an inclusive tech culture is a cornerstone of our mission at the Center on Rural Innovation, and one we probably don’t talk about enough.
Why don’t we talk about inclusivity more frequently? Well, first of all, it takes time and effort. Inclusion is not a box...
To the Editor,
We would like to thank all the friends and family who sent Carrol cards for his 90th birthday. Thank you for helping Carrol celebrate and enjoy a wonderful day.
Carrol and Reita Havreluk
Brooksville, FL
To the Editor,
Dear Timber Creek management and board members, I feel compelled to write you with my heart full of gratitude for the product that Kelly Kahler and his crew has pulled off for all these many years at Timber Creek. What an asset to this valley it has been to have such a high...
To the Editor,
Don Keelan’s recent opinion commentary still irks me.  In it he blames Sen. Bernie Sanders for creating and perpetuating the social and political polarization that now exists.  He claims that the senator is out to get the rich and that he “despises wealthy people.”  Tangled...
To the Editor,
This past Saturday night our guests (Andrew and Brittany) followed their GPS and turned off Route 9 onto Adam’s Cross Road in Marlboro.  This road is closed for the winter so the guests buried their car in the snow half way down the road.  
They called us with a cry...
To the Editor,
Vermont’s child protection system is in real trouble, as demonstrated in a recent study by the Vermont Parent Representation Center. The problems have only gotten worse in the last five years. A bizarre system in which the Department for Children and Families  uses one...
To the Editor,
When Vermont faces an acute crisis – floods, pandemics, national security events – our first thought is often: “Call out the Guard.” With a phone call from the governor, the women and men of the Vermont National Guard drop everything to help our beloved state in its time of...
To the Editor,
On Friday the discussion over public tuitioning and independent schools took a clear turn in our direction with a committee bill that was introduced with support in the House Education Committee. This was not by accident, and it isn’t permanent. H.258 and S.66 are still...


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