Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
A Notice of Adoption was published in a recent issue of The Deerfield Valley News regarding changes being made to the Town of Whitingham Dog Ordinance.
As part of the changes, the definition of “Nuisance Dogs” will no longer include barking dogs. The change to this...
To the Editor,
Please don’t vote down a unique Vermont tradition.  Please, everybody who can attend Town Meeting do so.  It is one of the traditions that makes Vermont unique.  I am afraid if we go to just Australian ballot that some budgets will be voted down that people really just...
To the Editor,
Pettee Memorial Library is invoking the words of the Beatles song “Hello Goodbye” as we welcome two new staff members and say a sad goodbye to retiring youth librarian of the past six years,  Angela Yakovleff.
Many will remember Angela from story time, which included...
To the Editor,
Some say Sen. Peter Welch (D-VT) and Rep. Becca Balint (D-VT) “have not done anything” as legislators toward stopping the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Gaza. I might argue the sentiment. Both have signed on to letters by their colleagues. Rep. Balint was the first...
To the Editor,
For the second year in a row, the Hermitage Club and its members have opened their amenities and services to people in the community in order to raise money for both the food bank and the Deerfield Valley Community Cares fuel assistance fund.  Monday was a beautiful day. The...
To the Editor,
Thank you to all who have donated calendars, cards (Christmas and all occasion) and miscellaneous items to the veterans in Bennington. 
Every fall, our project through the Daughters of the American Revolution is to collect these items along with notepads, game books,...
To the Editor,
Dear friends of the West Dover Congregational Church,
Do you know what we have been up to?  You probably do know that our pastor of seven years now has a new church.  You may not know that we are still a very busy church.
What are we doing, you might ask?  Well...
To the Editor,
As I am sure most are aware, this is the first year of the Per Pupil Weighted Count implementation.
Basically, it allows districts increased spending capacity in “ranges” and becomes taxed differently based on the bracket you fall in. Many are confused that it’s a 5%...
To the Editor,
We would like to thank our family, friends, and community for the outpouring of love and support after the sudden and devastating loss of Rachel Rubin on January 1. She had an undiagnosed heart condition and passed in her sleep. Just 33 years old, vibrant and beautiful, she...
To the Editor,
Under Article 22 of the Vermont Constitution, Vermonters may be required to pay for medical procedures related to reproductive choice through increases in health insurance premiums. The purpose section of Article 22, which did not appear on the ballot in 2022, purports under...


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