Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
As Vermont’s State Treasurer, I am dedicated to supporting the financial well-being of all Vermonters. Last year, our office’s public retirement initiative, VT Saves, was unanimously approved by the Legislature, supported by the governor, and signed into law.
To the Editor,
Listening to the morning news, we were relieved to learn of the IDF rescue of four Israeli hostages appearing to be in good health.
We thought “At last some good news for some families of the hostages.”
Then as the reporter continued, Hamas authorities claimed...
To the Editor,
The concept of carbon capture has been in the news for years.  Is it hype?  Is it real?  As with so much “news” these days, it is hard to tell.
 What Vermonters can now bray far and wide is that this small state has achieved total success in the deployment of carbon...
To the Editor,
The movement to stop Israel’s murderous campaign against Palestinian civilians is up against the entire American military, industrial, and congressional complex and assorted American war/death culture allies like AIPAC, The Heritage Foundation, and Fox News. Leaders of the...
To the Editor,
In Vermont’s quest for equitable education funding, Act 127 represents a beacon of hope, especially for our rural communities. This legislation, informed by thorough research from Rutgers and the University of Vermont, revises the state’s school funding formulas to reflect...
To the Editor,
Recently the Vermont Legislature voted out one of the most impactful consumer bills seen in decades, H.121, an act relating to enhancing consumer data privacy and the age-appropriate design code. I am proud to say that I was one of the original authors of H.121 – and humbled...
To the Editor,
Thank you to all who attended and participated in Wilmington’s Memorial Day ceremony and parade on Monday. It certainly was a very moving and wonderful event this year.
Thank you to the American Legion women for selling their poppies, the military riflemen, Boy Scout...
To the Editor,
On Wednesday, June 12, North Branch Fire District #1, your sewer district, will hold its annual meeting, and all district residents are eligible to attend and vote for a prudential committee (board) member. Despite serving over 1,800 customers, only a few dozen people...
To the Editor,
My name is Alexandra, and I am a senior at Bennington College. I am taking the beyond plastics course for the second time and wanted to share more about what I’ve learned throughout the semester.
One of the most impactful lessons taught in the course was about the...
To the Editor,
Grace Cottage Family Health & Hospital hosted its 15th annual Spring into Health 5K Walk and Run on Saturday, May 11. The weather was perfect, and we had a large and happy crowd of participants. We welcomed 119 runners, walkers, and strollers. Rescue Inc. was on hand to...


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