Exhibit on mysterious tales, auction

BENNINGTON - Looking for a fun family outing over the holiday? Want to step into the art world to find the perfect gift for a special friend? Whatever the reason, Bennington Museum is here.
On Friday, November 25, Bennington Museum will open their annual winter exhibition and closed-bid auction, “In the Shadow of the Hills,” which will foreshadow “Haunted Vermont,” the historically based summer-fall 2023 exhibition. 
The 25-plus regional contemporary artists will respond to historical tales of monsters, ghosts, missing persons, and the occult, exploring the deep, dark corners of our collective and personal psyches and encounters with the mysterious and unknown.
The closed-bid auction of exhibited artwork will open at the museum and online at 10 am on Friday, November 25, and close at 4 pm on Monday, December 19. Bidding will take place online and may be done at home, on the phone or with the assistance of the musem’s front of house staff. Visitors to the museum may also submit paper bids when visiting, if preferred.
In closed-bid auctions you do not see what others have bid, but instead bid the maximum amount that you would like to pay for that piece. After the bidding closes, the person with the highest bid for each work of art will be declared the winner and be contacted for payment and to arrange a pickup time. In the event of a tie the bid placed first will be the winner. To avoid a tie, the museum urges people to bid an odd amount such as $501 rather than $500.
Winning bids placed on items in this auction benefit both the museum and the artists. For more information and to access the auction site visit https://benningtonmuseum.org/portfolio-items/in-the-shadow-of-the-hills.

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