10 years ago:
The Hogback Mountain Conservation Association received a $320,000 grant to aid in their effort to preserve almost 600 acres of land around the summits of Hogback Mountain and Mount Olga.  With the grant and several other large donations and grants, the...

Skid Row, a popular trail at the area.
10 years ago:
Dover selectboard members continued their struggle to get easements from landowners to build the Valley Trail.  The project had already received an Act 250 permit and one board member insisted that it was “imperative” that the town put the work out to bid by...

Matt Geiger
“Everything in this newspaper is important to someone.”
It’s become something of a mantra for me, in recent years.
Weekly community newspapers are eclectic, to say the least. We publish photos of ribbons being cut at bakeries, and donations being dropped off at local food pantries....
“Red Scare in the Green Mountains: Vermont in the McCarthy Era1946-1960”  by Rick Winston - Rootstock Publishing, 2018
This interesting and informative book has its roots in “Vermont in the McCarthy Era,” a conference that Winston helped to organize and for which he was a researcher. A...

Aging in Place: Claudette Hollenbeck
The people who got the Aging in Place initiative started several years ago, in order to focus the valley on the impending tsunami of local residents becoming senior citizens, were Bill and Carol Herbert and the Wilmington Town Nurse, Jennifer Fitzgerald. I have just been the written voice trying...

Religion: Marcia Dorey
There’s a wonderful story about a prophet who lived long ago named Elijah. He had told the truth about the people in power and had made the queen of the country so angry with him that she threatened to kill him. So what did Elijah do? He ran. He ran just as fast as he could, and he hid in the...

Chief Randall Johnson began his career in 1982 as a part-time officer with the Dover Police Department and became a full-time officer after graduating from the 38th basic program at the Vermont Police Academy in August 1983. In May 1988, Chief Johnson was promoted to sergeant. In 2013, he was promoted to chief.
10 years ago:
Readsboro Village was without fire hydrants, after the director of the town’s water treatment facility presented a letter to the selectboard seeking the board’s authority to shut them down.  According to water department officials, the water pipes feeding the...

Jim Zachary
Beyond the noise of the Beltway and the daily vilification of national media outlets, are community newspapers serving cities, counties and regions throughout the US.
Your local newspaper is far from being The Fake News.
Your newspaper is most definitely not The Enemy of the People...
10 years ago:
Honora Winery’s first batch of varietal grapes was harvested and ready for winemaking.  The grapes from the 2008 harvest were planned for Honora’s first estate wine to be released in 2010.
The valley remembered the flood of ‘38 on its 70th anniversary...
History of hospital on display at Memorial Hall
WILMINGTON - From now to October 8, Memorial Hall will play host to “A Century of Caring,” a display of artifacts and information about Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, formerly Putnam Memorial Hospital. After October 5,...


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