Sacred dance, exercise, and nonviolence

BRATTLEBORO - The Beloved Community at 18 Town Crier Drive is offering free workshops on sacred dance, gentle exercise, and active nonviolence each Saturday, starting January 14. The exercise class will run from 11 to 11:20 am, followed by sacred dance until noon. A simple, free lunch will be provided.  From 1 to 3 pm, active nonviolence will be presented in an interactive format.
Pastor Suzanne Andrews will teach both gentle exercise and sacred dance. The exercise class is an all-levels group and can be done sitting in a chair or standing. Stretch and strengthen the body and well-being. Discover a close-knit group of people where friends are made easily. Pastor Andrews is skilled in adapting the practice of gentle exercise for those of all backgrounds. Each exercise class will last approximately 20 minutes and those who attend will be encouraged to participate within their own individual limits. Each class incudes cardiovascular, strength training, balance, and flexibility maneuvers. Some deep breathing and meditation exercises will also be incorporated in the sessions.
Sacred dance classes will follow the exercise routines, and last approximately 20 minutes. Again, these classes are prepared for all levels. Praise dancers can be old or young, experienced or novice, and any gender. Anyone who feels spiritual joy and wants to express it through dance can join in. That said, there will be some choreographed dance routines as well as “free expression” dance moments.
Sacred dance is an expression of devotion and love. Whatever anxieties and discomforts about the body and others’ bodies might be, it is time to let go and enjoy the freedom of movement. Don’t lose out on the ability to offer one’s whole self  to God and to feel God’s presence within the heart by the joyful sharing of love through these gentle dance movements.
The active nonviolence workshop will last two hours and use small group exercises to explore and develop a deeper understanding of how the dynamics of violence work as well as how the dynamic of nonviolence can be cultivated. This will be developed in the context of gender issues, reverence for the earth, social systems, and work for social justice, leading to work on how to create and enhance communities of nonviolence and transformation. This will be taught by Rev. Ralph Howe.
For additional information on the morning programs contact Pastor Andrews at or call (413) 648-3112 to reserve a place. For more information on the active nonviolence workshop contact Rev. Howe at or call (802) 249-2947.




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