Humane Society offers cheap pet microchipping

BRATTLEBORO - Stuff happens: Fido is getting a bath, he’s naked, and he runs off. Or Fifi is home relaxing with no collar on and a guest leaves the door open. Now they’re running loose with no collar and no ID. And cats? Cats are superstars at slipping their collars.
Microchips are the ID that stays with pets no matter what kind of trouble the furry kids get into. Make an appointment to get a pet microchipped on Thursday, August 24, at the Windham County Humane Society for just $25.
Microchips are awesome, but they do require a scanner, which the average person does not have. This is why the WCHS recommends personalized ID tags for dogs, and breakaway collars with a phone number on it for cats. Most folks who find a cat or dog will give their owners a call or even deliver the animal. No need to spend a night at the shelter. To put the WCHS’ money where their mouth is, all canine participants in this clinic will get a personalized ID tag, and all felines will get two reflective, breakaway collars. Sign up today at


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