Dreams of field renovation approach reality with new generous donations

Gabe Walling, fourth grader at Twin Valley Elementary School.

WILMINGTON - Twin Valley Youth Sports is now $14,000 toward the goal of renovating the soccer field. The organization offers a huge thank you to Phil Bartels for his family’s donation of $10,000, a thoughtful and amazing way to give back to the community.
TVYS also now has another $25,000 donor. The nonprofit is hoping for future donors to match this $25,000 donation so that the goal of renovating the athletic field becomes closer to reality. With matching funds to this donation, TVYS would be at approximately $64,000.
If TVYS gets 50 donors, that would be equivalent to $500 per donor;100 donors would equal $250 per donor; 125 donors would equal $200 per donor; 150 donors would equal $166 per donor; and so on.
TVYS believe kids deserve better fields to play on. Send any donations to Twin Valley Youth Sports, PO Box 1458, Wilmington, VT  05363.
Those interested can also contact Chris Walling at (802) 451-6701 or clw1222@hotmail.com. There is also a PayPal link at www.twinvalleyyouthsports.com. People have until Friday, May 6, to match. TVYS hopes readers will share to help spread the word.

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