VSAC scholarship deadline coming soon

VERMONT- For students who are applying to college this year, or who are looking for financial help for ongoing college study or for continuing education, it pays to research scholarship opportunities.
Every year, VSAC compiles a scholarship booklet of Vermont-specific opportunities, available only to Vermont residents or to students who will work in Vermont after graduation. Here in our state’s “small pond,” many of those scholarships receive only 100 or so applicants – which means applicants may have a higher chance of winning a Vermont-specific scholarship than they might if competing nationwide.
There are scholarship opportunities for a wide range of academic interests. Some of the more common fields include business, technical industries, environmental studies, public safety, health care, and education. But there are also some very specific opportunities for interests, such as musical performance, ski area management, and electrical line work.
Single parents may want to check out the Bernice Murray Scholarship, which covers up to $4,000 in child care expenses for single parents who continue their education.
Some scholarships offer one-time awards, while others are renewable, meaning the student can receive additional financial awards for each subsequent year of study. The annual award amounts generally range from $500 to $6,500, though there are some exceptions, including several scholarships and forgivable loan programs for medical, nursing, and dental students, which generally cover the student’s full tuition.
The application deadline is February 15. The 2023-2024 scholarship booklet can be downloaded for free, and anyone with questions is encouraged to talk with the VSAC counselor at their school, visit vsac.org or call (800) 642-3177.

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