Keep the rhythm going with this virtual class

BRATTLEBORO- The Vermont Jazz Center is offering a virtual class on rhythm, “Understanding Rhythm,” Tuesdays from 4 to 5 pm via Zoom.
Instructor is Julian Gerstin, who has been  teaching a new class on rhythm this semester, They tried it out online via Zoom last week and it went pretty well. Now they’d like to open it up to all VJC students, without charge.
This is for all musicians, not just drummers, and is a class in feeling and creating rhythmically. Participants will work on basic rhythmic exercises and reading; more advanced rhythms and polyrhythms; and using rhythm in improvisation (on any instrument). This class is at an intermediate level and is intended for adults and teens. They don’t need to be a professional musician or ace music reader, but Gersten is trying to keep a certain pace going. If not sure, try the class and see how it goes.
There is one requirement: participants must use Zoom and if this platform is new they need to contact VJC and test it out before class.
To register and for more information contact


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