Don’t miss Thursday mornings with the Romeos

Thursday morning gathering at North Star Pizza. These group of guys chat it up at a previous Thursday morning gathering at North Star Pizza.

WILMINGTON- The parking lot at North Star Pizza on Route 100 in Wilmington is nearly full around 8 am any Thursday. North Star is not open for business but a group of older gents meet there each week as part of the Deerfield Valley’s aging in place initiative. During the winter months 12 to 14 fellows meet over coffee and some fresh baked pastry, while during the summer the average morning gathering totals around 18.
And most important – the meetings are free and open to any senior.
The group, which has been meeting for over two years, has no official name though they could be called Romeos – retired old men eating out. They age from the early 50s to the early 90s. They come from all walks of life; some are multi-generational Vermonters while others are recent residents or visitors to the valley. They include former CEOs, farmers, locksmiths, plumbers, retired military, and other professionals.
The weekly meeting is informal in nature with no official agenda. Conversations range from sharing stories from years past to solving local, state, national, and international matters in an hour or so. Yes, the Romeos have figured out how to fix the Route 100 pothole issue, as well as the typical weekend car backup at the routes 9 and 100 intersection.
It is common for guests to join the weekly confab. Gubernatorial candidates, local state representatives, and others heading up new valley initiatives have joined the Thursday group for coffee. Regular visitors include Wilmington town manager Scott Tucker and police chief Joe Szarejko.
Meetings officially start at 8 am and last for a little more than an hour. Any older gentleman can come by to take part in a fun-filled meeting. For further information call Bill Herbert, (802) 464-0309, or Ira Colby, (802) 464-8024.

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