Significant donation given to Friends of the Valley

WILMINGTON- The former members of the Hermitage Club, represented by the Ad Hoc Committee, made a significant donation to the Friends of the Valley Foundation. The Ad Hoc Committee is an organized committee of former Hermitage Club members that was established to explore ways to revive the defunct club so that it could once again operate to the benefit of the members and the Deerfield Valley.
The Ad Hoc Committee was responsible for facilitating the Hermitage Club bankruptcy, which paved the way for renewed activity at Haystack Mountain, with the purchase of the property by a group of former members.  
With the close of the sale of the club assets, the Ad Hoc Committee had a balance left in the fund it collected from participating former members to pay legal fees related to the bankruptcy. Instead of refunding the balance, the former members elected to donate the funds to the Friends of the Valley Foundation so that the foundation can continue its mission of providing local aid and serving the greater good in the Deerfield Valley.
For more on the Friends of the Valley Foundation or to donate visit their website at or simply mail a donation to Friends of the Valley Foundation, PO Box 1641, Wilmington, VT 05363.

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