Pick up your passport to the animal kingdom with “The Conservation Supergirl”

WILMINGTON- Join Bartleby’s Books for a family fun event with CS Wurzberger on Saturday, February 15, at  4:30 pm. Wurzberger will be reading from and discussing her books, including “KISSes for Awesome Animals.”
Wurzberger, aka The Conservation Supergirl, is a wildlife conservation coach, educator, podcaster, presenter, and social entrepreneur with 35-plus years of experience. She specializes in giving young people a passport to the animal world where they explore awesome animals and engage in exciting conservation projects happening around the world. She is also the founder and director of Awesome Animal Academy, an organization that offers in-person and online leadership, stewardship, and social entrepreneurship programs for children, teens, adults, and educators to make an impact while protecting our earth and its animals.
About “KISSes for Awesome Animals: Save the Bees! Save the Butterflies! Save the Turtles! But How?”: Every day people are talking about how another animal is on the verge of extinction, but rarely does anyone give specific steps on how to help. It is important to know that it’s not just up to the adults to solve this problem (besides most are really busy with their grown-up stuff).
Kids can step up and help save the animals, too. In this handbook receive lots of fun ideas, activities, and resources to care for the animals kids love. Here is a chance to really make an impact and become a champion for conservation. So get started saving bees to butterflies, wildlife to farm life, and exotic to endangered. Plus, program attendees will get to meet Alma the Amazon, a parrot from the rainforest of South America, and Cory the Cockatoo from Australia. Discover more about how they live, what they eat, and who talks the most.
Bartleby’s Books is located at 17 West Main Street and is open daily. For more information call the store at (802) 464-5425, email bartbookvt@gmail.com or visit myvermontbookstore.com.

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