Landscapes emerge from patterns of light and dark in this art show

Andrew Nighswander’s “Harbor” painting.

GREENFIELD, MA-  The Andrew Nighswander art show will be on display through the month of January at Hawks and Reed, 289 Main Street.
This series of paintings and drawings is the transcription of an inner landscape. While the project originated as a series of ink drawings that served to record the most memorable features of the artist’s passage through the landscape of the Pioneer Valley, it soon grew into a series of monumental charcoal works and abstract paintings. The works are generated in alternating sessions of mark making and erasure that allow each pass to inform the next. Forms unfold, and over time, a landscape emerges as the patterns of light and dark develop a sense of depth. The result is a landscape caught in flux.
Working close to the canvas, microcosms emerge within the macro composition, and through the repeated passes he finds and cultivates recognizable features that coalesce from the turbulent morass of automatic marks. Faces and figures, ruined buildings and strange creatures all evolve to populate the landscapes.
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