Weather or not, enjoy life and have some fun
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Weather or not, enjoy life and have some fun

There have been lots of gloomy faces around the valley this week. We think much of that is due to the weather. We understand why, because a winter season that started out upbeat with two big dumps of snow has seen more warm rain than snowflakes the past two weeks, and that can put a frown on even the most lighthearted of faces.

But we say it’s time to move beyond worrying about the weather. Why? Simply put, it’s nothing that anyone can control. No one has yet come up with a way to control the weather. At best, all we can do with our collective knowledge and technology is predict what’s coming. And sometimes, that’s where the root of the gloom lies.

It also doesn’t help things when some of our media brethren, television weather forecasters in particular, spend days in advance telling anyone who will listen how rotten the weather will be on a coming day.

We understand they’re merely doing their job, and often it’s a public service to keep people informed of what’s headed their way. There’s no doubt we have seen some really awful weather during the past few years. Anyone who rode out Irene or Sandy can attest to that. But really, it isn’t like a super storm is happening every week.

Once the storm finally hits, the “stormcenter team” springs into action, placing a camera and a reporter in the worst possible place they can find and they broadcast repeatedly from that spot, reminding everyone how bad it is out. Do we really need to be updated on the weather every 10 minutes? We get bombarded everywhere with bad weather updates, from the television, computers, phones, and now we can even get weather updates on our watches. Enough already!

So we say it’s time to move on from the weather gloom and doom, and find the silver lining in what we have in front of us.

Rainy day? Spend it indoors, visit some friends or a local shop and get to know the folks behind the counter. You might be surprised what they have to offer. Turn off the TV or the game console and gather the kids and adults around the table for some old-fashioned card or board games. Or if you really need to be outdoors, get out the rain gear and have at it. It beats sitting around moaning about how bad the weather is.

Snowy day? Get out and revel in it. Go skiing, buff up the snowboard, fire up the snowmobile, strap on the snowshoes, or just bundle up and take a walk. Enjoy the quiet of a snowy day or evening and marvel in the beauty of the snowfall.

The key, in our opinion, is to have fun doing whatever it is you’re doing: Working, playing, or just hanging out, make the most of it. Have fun, enjoy life, and we have no doubt things will seem better.
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