Finds auditor’s actions disconcerting
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To the Editor:

A few years ago when Tom Salmon was running for Vermont State Auditor as a Democrat, he contacted a number of us Progressives to say we were not far apart politically and that we should work together. When he decided to switch not long after to the Republican Party, I was rather surprised. It seemed he had changed his political beliefs quite a bit.

I was considerably more surprised recently when I followed the link from his Facebook page to a group he likes named “The Independent American Movement for Constitutional Restoration.” You would be hard-pressed to find a loopier right-wing group than this. From insisting that we are constitutionally a Christian nation, to private property being absolutely sacrosanct, to our constitutional right to bear any arms “used by the armed forces,” to “free market” being the world’s salvation, to letting all women’s health issues be decided by their Christian church rather than by doctors, these folks are way out there. They apparently think the tea partiers are too liberal. Tom Salmon apparently embraces their beliefs.

I am all for friendly personal interaction across all party lines, but it seems that if someone is running for office they ought to have some core beliefs. In four years Tom Salmon went from at least somewhat liberal Democratic beliefs to conservative Republican beliefs to embracing scary whacko, right-wing beliefs. Or maybe he has no core beliefs. It is disconcerting to guess where his next political home will be.

Lee Madden

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