Spirits to be served on Halloween
by Lauren Harkawik
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Halloween Spirits
Prophetic sign?  Betsey’s Dot’s of Dover will be hosting a psychic medium reading as a fundraiser for The Gathering Place, which is moving in next door.
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Medium offers reading as part of benefit event

DOVER - Jeannine Bakriges says she always knew she had a connection to spirits.

“I’ve known all my life,” says Bakriges, a psychic medium who lives in Whitingham and will be hosting a psychic mediumship event at Betsey’s Dot’s of Dover on Halloween.

“Growing up Catholic, I knew there were things I saw and experienced that couldn’t be discussed. So some of the gift got squashed for a while.”

Bakriges grew up in Detroit and lived in various places during her 30-plus-year career as a fiber artist, including Thailand, Canada, Bennington, and other New England locations. Eventually she and her family settled in Whitingham.

She says it was 2006 or so when her relationship to the spiritual world became impossible to ignore.

“That’s when I began to see auras again,” she says, explaining that auras are lights around vibrational objects and beings, including humans. “And I started to see spirits in an objective way. I knew this was a mission and a calling.”

She identifies as a psychic medium. “Psychics and mediums are two separate things,” she says. As a medium, she communicates with spirits who have died. “We often say crossed over because they’re in another dimension.”

“Psychics read energy,” she says. “Everything on the earth plane is vibrational energy, and there are different levels of vibrational energy. As a psychic I can read that energy.”

Bakriges says she is a psychic medium who acknowledges and can only do her work with the help of guides. Guides, she explains, can take the form of ancestors — people who once walked the earth — or angels, archangels, or ascended masters, “such as Jesus, Buddha, or Guanyin.”

Bakriges says that her job is to receive and relay messages brought to her either by guides or by spirits themselves, such as a person’s friends or relatives who have died and want to send a message.

“I relay, with the help of the guides who are orchestrating, what these crossed-over spirits want to communicate about,” says Bakriges. “Sometimes they give information that is visual, sometimes it’s auditory, and sometimes it’s about feelings.”

Bakriges says she’s an objective and subjective clairvoyant. “Clairvoyance means ‘clear seeing,’” says Bakriges. “Subjective clairvoyance is more common. That’s where I get visuals in my mind such as moving pictures like movies or snapshots, depending on what the crossed-over spirit can show. But I’m also an objective clairvoyant. That means I’m a medium who can see spirits as if they’re standing right in front of me.”

Bakriges says with objective clairvoyance, the spirits’ visual opacity differs, case by case. “Sometimes they’re ethereal,” says Bakriges,” and other times they’re more solid.”

Bakriges is an ordained minister of the spiritualist church. She attended seminary through Fellowship of the Spirit, a spiritualist church in Lily Dale, NY. The spiritualist church, as she puts it, is a “literal church.” The National Spiritualist Association of Churches was founded and recognized as a religion in the United States in 1893. As a minister of the church, Bakriges can perform weddings and burials, and she’s given lectures there as well. But Bakriges says the service that unfolds at a spiritualist church may not be what most people think of when they hear “church.”

“The spiritualist church’s main premise is that communication can occur between people on the earth plane and people who have crossed over into other dimensions, and so they’re not gone forever,” says Bakriges. The service, she says, centers around hands-on healing, healing through the delivery of messages in mediumship, and an inspirational talk.

She says people of all backgrounds, including a diverse range of religious backgrounds, attend services at spiritual churches. “There aren’t many here,” she says, “but if we lived in Ohio, we could go to a different one every week.”

Bakriges’ schooling addressed many aspects of mediumship and had a heavy focus on ethics.

“Ethics is everything,” she says. “We don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy, and we’re not here to frighten anyone or belittle or criticize. At the same time, we don’t sugarcoat. We don’t say nice things just because someone wants to hear it. We can’t do that and we’re not allowed to do that. We don’t flatter people on purpose. We communicate what we’re being told for consideration. Spirits give suggestions of things to consider.”

Bakriges says she is “thankfully, not a charlatan fortune teller,” though she’s careful to say she doesn’t mean to disparage others’ work, noting that some mediums may regard a foretold future as an unavoidable fate. She holds a different belief. She says she reads a line of probability about the future based on what she’s seeing, acknowledging the connection between past, present, and future. She says she feels that most people can change a seen path if they want to.

“People have free will,” she says. “This is not a done deal.”

At the event to be held at Dot’s of Dover, Bakriges will stand in front of the crowd and invite messages from beyond. She will communicate what her guides bring her. Attendees who recognize that a message is for them may share that information so Bakriges may engage with them and deliver what she’s hearing. But she says if someone hears a message that’s for them and they don’t want to talk about it publicly, they don’t have to.

“I don’t get flustered at all when that happens,” she says. “I call it ‘cricket, cricket, cricket.’ There’s silence. And that’s okay. But of course, it’s much more interesting for everyone there if people do speak up.”

Those who wear costumes to the event will be entered into a raffle to win a mediumship or tarot session with Bakriges to be done via Skype or phone, which is how the majority of Bakriges’ work is done. She works with clients worldwide, and she says there’s really no difference in spiritual experience between readings that happen in person and those that happen via phone or Skype.

“There’s no difference in the quality of a reading no matter how it’s facilitated, because energy is energy is energy,” says Bakriges.

Bakriges says it’s important that attendees of the upcoming event understand that not everyone there will necessarily receive a personal message from beyond, but that often spirits will piggyback messages.

“Sometimes aspects of details that come through are very evident to be coming through to one individual, but another person, or more even, can take a portion of it and find meaning,” says Bakriges. “Spirit will utilize everybody’s nervous system to bring information through. So even if someone isn’t the one who is personally being talked to, they still may receive a message.”

Overall, Bakriges says she hopes that people plan to have a fun night. “We’re not going to scare anyone,” she says. “It’s going to be a really lovely event.”

The event will be held on Tuesday, October 31, from 7 to 9 pm at Betsey’s Dot’s of Dover. The event is a fundraiser for The Gathering Place, and admission is $25 per person.
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