Not Tahoe or Vail, and it never will be
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To the Editor:

I’m feeling compelled. This letter is in response to the proposed and current things going on or wanting to go on with the Hermitage “Club.”

First let me say I’ve, along with my family, been in the valley for over 40 years. I remember when Route 100 was a dirt road from the Old Red Mill to Mount Snow.

Dear Mr. Barnes: Your contributions are good. I have no problem with your adventurous plans, good luck. I always enjoyed skiing Haystack.

Personally however, I feel your “private club” and you are moving way too fast. This is not Tahoe or Vail. Never has been, never will be. Before attempting to buy up the valley, you should maybe fix and bring up to date what you already have.

Even if I had $250,000 to invest, I would not buy into a ski/board resort and have to crap in an outhouse at 10 degrees. Lifts: the current main lifts are good but too slow by today’s standards. The Witches chair is fast, but dangerous if a person does not know how to load in 4.2 seconds.

Snowmaking: get in a program. Nature does not cut it most of the time. Downfall of the previous owners also.

Airport: Well ask any pilot, one of the most difficult runways in New England. I, personally knew three of the deceased pilots.

A “jetport”?: Again this ain’t Tahoe. Why a jetport? Maybe “dreamin” you should think 22nd century (Jetsons) spaceport. Uses less space! LOL

Not real sure of the boundaries here but a “wind generator on top of the Barnstormer lift?” Is that a National Forest? What about asthetics? Act 250?

Tours of Dover and Wilmington: I’ve lived here most of my life. Progress is good and an inevitable thing. Big Q: Why are you putting this airport thing on the fast track? Maybe “we” should get the airport up and running as was before thinking about jets. Free sand: I want some! Donate to a for profit business is wrong. Want it? Buy it at a market value then pay taxes. Might if you will “donate” it to a noble cause such as Habit for the “humans.” They pay taxes also.

Alan Chabot

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December 06, 2012
Of course it's not Tahoe or Vail!

Nobody claims to take that identity

I've been skiing at Mt Snow since the 70s and have owned property for the last 10 years

The negativity in the valley is incredibly discouraging to a second home owner

In my opinion the Hermitage project can only help the Deerfield valley. Peak resorts can't make this a prosperous place again by themselves.

Embrace Mr Barnes and his efforts to make our area relevant

December 08, 2012
It's also incredibly discouraging watching this area transformed from a decent hard working farming/logging community to a poorly run, badly managed "ski" area with incredibly high taxes that has become a mecca for the super rich and those who embrace the gay, lesbian and transgender lifestyle