Ready to put his trust in President Obama
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To the Editor:

When looking at the choice voters have in November for president, I have to wonder which one is better for Vermont. In the case of Wilmington/Dover, it may be somewhat different from the state as a whole.

In other words, Wilmington and Dover, like other towns in Vermont, are unique and have individual needs as townships. First, the state of Vermont: Our governor is a Democrat and has done a good job, especially with the Tropical Storm Irene mess. Needing federal money from FEMA for the cleanup is still an issue. Governor Romney has stated that he will cut programs to balance the budget. That means our state will fare better under a Democratic president. But, what about each of our towns in Vermont? Wilmington/Dover sit halfway between Bennington and Brattleboro. These towns are popular stopovers with tourists, skiers, people on vacation, etc. The area has a unique group of local folks too. Artists, merchants, hotel and restaurant proprietors, professions, and others make up the rather colorful local people.

So, which one, Romney or President Obama, will benefit Wilmington/Dover more? At first glance the local business people will probably say Romney. He’s a businessman not unlike a used-car-lot salesman.

Meanwhile, President Obama is more of a people-first president, not unlike former President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.”

In the end it may not really matter. I believe people will continue coming to Wilmington and Dover, regardless of which one wins the election.

But, if we have another disaster like Irene, I’ll put my trust in President Obama.


Tom King

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October 15, 2012
Tom, I really enjoyed your letter. Being a former resident of Wilmington, and having most of my family still living in the area, I understand your concern with the upcoming election. I lived in Wilmington from birth until I left for the military in 1991. I return as often as I can, but not often enough. I don't think Romney would cut FEMA funding, it's too important, and even if he did, money would be found in case of emergencies. I'm worried about Obamas wreck less spending, and lack of concern about paying borrowed money back to the lenders. With nearly half of all money spent being borrowed, what happens when the money tree dies? Once again, thanks for the wonderful letter, I like knowing that the residents still are looking out for what's best for the community.

Duff Bergendahl