Medication management can be a tricky thing
Medication management over age 65 can be a tricky thing. For that matter, for women, over 50 and traversing menopause, it can also be a rocky passage when combining old and new medications. Convers...
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The tsar’s enchanters
“The Crown’s Game” by Evelyn Skye Simon and Schuster, 2016 The Ottomans and the Kazakhs threaten 19th-century Russia, and the tsar desperately needs the magical powers of an imperial enchanter. Unf...
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The simple question and answer of who is a Jew
When I was invited to be a contributor to the Valley News five years ago, my column was to focus on Jewish religion and culture, and the title the editor gave to my first column was “Judaism more t...
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In old age the need for comfort continues
Every new mother knows the joy of a baby who learns early to self-soothe. The ones who do not are much harder to live with. The same skills are needed throughout life, and like so many other things...
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Memorable characters feel real and a story that compels
Kids of Appetite by David Arnold Victor “Vic” Benucci III is a victim of Moebius syndrome, a congenital neurological condition that manifests itself in facial paralysis. He can’t smile. He can’t fr...
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Skiing through college: life’s best 10 years
“My time skiing in college was the best 10 years of my life!” the son exclaimed. Sitting in the base lodge he was leaning toward my table as he shared his reflection. His comment brought a hearty l...
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This Week in History
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10 years ago: Wilmington and Whitingham dropped their education funding lawsuit against the state. The lawsuit claimed that inequities in special education funding placed an unfair burden on taxpay...
Business goes local, introduces “Meet the Artist” series in new gallery space
by Lauren Harkawik
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DOVER- On a snowy weekday morning, warm light emanates from inside Eco-tique, a gift shop in West Dover that is focused on local and regionally sourced, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. The ...
Absorbing book about the power of connection
by One-Minute Book Reviews: Laura Stevenson
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“Thanks for the Trouble” by Tommy Wallach: Simon and Schuster, 2016 Parker Santé is, as he puts it, dumb but not stupid. He hasn’t spoken a word since he was injured in a car accident that took his...
Game warden faces slippery surface to rescue deer
by Rolf Parker
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WILMINGTON- On Saturday, game warden Richard Watkin received two calls from anglers who saw a deer struggling on the ice on Lake Harriman, northwest of Maynard’s Cove, and he set out to help it. “I...
Looking at the world through a peephole in a pipe
by Aging in Place: Claudette Hollenbeck
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Over age 70 our designated developmental task is to integrate our lifelong experiences, successes and failures, ups and downs, and become wise. I’m trying, but I hope you are making more progress t...
Insta news isn’t always good
by Religion: Marcia Dorey
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Once upon a time, in a time of memory for some, people were less in touch with everything that was going on every minute of every day.  Sometimes that was a good thing.   Sometimes not, because  it...
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