Senior perspective on aging in place
I am old, and getting older (and crabbier) daily. I want to stay in the Deerfield Valley until they cart me out feet first. Good luck with the driveway, boys! I am also a long-range planner and rumi...
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Unmasking the many faces of shame
While reminiscing with a friend recently, she shared with me a story of how when she told her father that she was gay, he responded with, “Please don’t tell your mother because it will be the end o...
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An update on the status of education reform and two other bills
 This past week the House approved H.361, this year’s education bill, by a vote of 88-55. This bill seeks to create “Integrated Education Systems.”  This is an important and understandable goal, pa...
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Creating legislation is the art of the possible
The House Education Committee, on which I now serve, developed the education bill, H.361, which last week passed the full House. I voted in favor of it, and I would like to share my reasons for my ...
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Where did it all this water come from?
Even as we delight in watching water dance across the riffles in a river, we fear floodwaters sweeping all before them.  We treasure a summer afternoon at a lake or seashore, splashing, boating, fi...
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Two towns showing how to work together
Earlier this month, Vermonters gathered at Town Meetings around the state to make decisions large and small about their communities. This year, two towns in particular made one very large decision ...
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Firearms bill had three main components
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This week the Judiciary Committee on which I serve passed out a couple of bills. One was major, had a lot of emotion and controversy and misinformation, took a lot of time, and in the end I believe...
The need to balance what we have makes for difficult choices
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Putting together a budget is never an easy task – everyone knows that from personal experience – and it is harder when finances are lean.  But we all do what we need to do to make ends meet. Perhap...
Public’s right to know a basic value
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Sunshine Week is a time to celebrate one of our nation’s most basic values, the public’s “right to know.” Our very democracy is built on the idea that our government should not operate in secret. J...
It’s the season of Lent
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The old tradition says that if March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion. According to our weather forecasters, the expectation was that the incoming March would be lamb-like.  Now we ...
Celebrating goose bumps; the awe of empowered achievement
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At a recent meeting a colleague, who has long devoted her work to empowering teenagers to make good decisions, told a story involving a group of teens she had been working with. The gist of it was ...
Trying to turn the Statehouse ship
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There are two reasons why I continue to run for the Legislature, and those reasons are property tax impacts and to change the conversation around education, the largest driver of the amount we all ...