Reality show brain tumor
“Life in a Fishbowl” by Len Vlahos; Bloomsbury, 2017 Fifteen-year-old Jackie Stone adores Jared Stone, her father and an Oregon state senator. She gets on well with her mother, but she has decidedl...
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A sweet novel about sexual fluidity
“Ramona Blue” by Julie Murphy; Balzer and Bray, 2017 Seventeen-year-old, 6- foot3 Ramona Leroux lives with her father and her older sister Hattie in the dilapidated trailer that has been their home...
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Veterans groups pushed modern benefits, face new challenges
On November 11, 1918, cessation of hostilities took place between the European powers on the Western Front, which stretched from Belgium, through France, and on to the Swiss border. The Central Pow...
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This Week in History
10 years ago: Running on the campaign slogan to “Put a real Schmuck in the White House,” Wilmington’s own Dwight Schmuck announced his write-in bid for US president. Schmuck promised to withdraw tr...
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This Week in History
10 years ago: Vermont rolled out its “Catamount Health” plan for uninsured Vermonters. Windham County Catamount Outreach Educator Richard Davis said the plan was “like Medicaid, maybe a little bett...
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From opera to wilderness
“Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined” by Danielle Younge-Ullman, Penguin Random House: Viking, 2017 Oh boy. A Canadian wilderness trip with at-risk teens and two counselors who ask the kids to bare ...
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The world we see now is certainly not at peace
by Religion: Marcia Dorey
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It’s the second week in October, and, finally we’re seeing some bright orange and yellow and red in the trees. It has seemed like a long wait this year. I, for one, was getting impatient for some “...
Riding center, horses, offer help to people with variety of needs
by Lauren Harkawik
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WILMINGTON - At a lesson at the Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center this week, executive director Amber Thibodeau coached one of the program participants, who was on horseback in the indoor ...
Teen haunted by memory of one moment in time that cannot be reclaimed
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“Bang” by Barry Lyga, Little Brown & Co, 2017 Sebastian Cody lives in the shadow of a memory neither he nor his family can escape. When he was 4 years old, his father answered the doorbell, leaving...
Working together to bring internet to rural areas
by Legislative Update: Laura Sibilia
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Wired and wireless internet expansion projects in Stamford, Readsboro and Whitingham were recently announced by the Vermont Department of Public Service, FairPoint and the Southern Vermont Broadban...
This Week in History
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10 years ago: The selectboards of Dover, Wilmington, and Whitingham agreed, at a joint meeting, to work together on the creation of a regional economic development plan. The proposal by the “Tritow...
Healthy water is worth spending big money
by Rivercurrents: David Deen
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We place a genuine personal value on clean water but that has not easily computed to a dollar value and that is unfortunate because in the wider world economic values drive decisions about our wate...