Explore the frequent disconnect between perception and reality in modern life
“My (Not So) Perfect Life” by Sophie Kinsella Dial Press, 2017 Katie Brenner has left her father’s Somerset farm and followed her lifelong dream to London, where she has become a research associate...
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This Week in History
10 years ago: The board of directors of American Skiing Company, once the biggest ski company in the nation with resorts from Maine to California, announced they would seek to dissolve the company....
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Get your ducks in a row now, so you don’t worry later
There is something about decadal birthdays or big number ones that lights a fire under even the oldest bottom. I will be 80 years old in a few days and I can feel the pressure. When I hit 75 I felt...
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Local representative reflects on recently-concluded legislative session
WILMINGTON- The big news that came out of this legislative session is that Gov. Phil Scott vetoed the budget, the yield bill, which sets property tax rates, and marijuana legalization. This is only...
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Enthralling murder mystery set in Kenya and Congo
City of Saints & Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2017 Sixteen-year-old Tina doesn’t know much about saints, though she carries a prayer to St. Catherine in her pocket as she nego...
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Monday’s double rainbow was a sight to behold
On Monday evening, June 26, there was a most amazing light show in the Deerfield Valley! A brilliant rainbow – and then a rainbow echo – stayed in the sky over us for a long time – it’s estimated t...
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Fourth of July celebrations around the valley
by Lauren Harkawik
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DEERFIELD VALLEY- The skies will sparkle this weekend with various fireworks displays in honor of Independence Day. Sunday, July 2: Wilmington On Sunday, head to Hayford Field in Wilmington for the...
This Week in History
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10 years ago: Mount Snow General Manager Kelly Pawlak and planning coordinator Laurie Newton sought the Wilmington Selectboard’s support for their plan to withdraw up to 430 million gallons of wate...
Lieutenant governor offers his concerns on the proposed teachers’ health care contract
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In Vermont, we have a tradition of spending time reviewing complicated changes to our laws. The Legislature you elect works collaboratively to ensure all ideas receive a thorough vetting and reduce...
A war story with heart
by One-Minute Book Reviews: Laura Stevenson
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“Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor” by Clinton Romesha Dutton, 2016 Combat Outpost Keating, in Nuristan, Afghanistan, was built in 2006 as one of a string of bases the American military h...
This week in history
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10 years ago: Readsboro School Principal David Switz and third-grade teacher Ellie Roden announced their retirement. Switz had been at the school 35 years, since 1972, and Roden had been teaching a...
Artist’s surreal awakening
by One-Minute Book Reviews: Laura Stevenson
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Still Life With Tornado by A. S. King Dutton Books, 2016 Sixteen-year-old Sarah knows there are no original ideas, only imitations and fragments of thoughts of art already existing. Miss Smith, her...
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