Legislature fights about fairness in education
The Legislature continues in session overtime as a major fight about fairness in our education system continues to unfold. Despite the dramatic headlines about the “assault” on employees and “strip...
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Legislature keeping things complicated and simple
There has been a lot of interest lately in the $26 million savings in the education fund that Gov. Phil Scott has proposed. I realize it always seems like some kind of cop out to say it is complica...
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Crew works overtime to make park event super
MAMMOTH LAKES, CA- While most avid park freeskiers and riders probably know what a “step up to roller mohawk” is and what to do with it, more pedestrian skiers and snowboarders probably just know i...
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Take on an adventurous voyage with a love story and glimpses of paradise
The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig As the book opens, Nix Song is standing in a Calcutta market in 1774, haggling for a caladrius (a bird thought to heal illnesses) in preparation for their n...
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Thankful for another day, an Easter story to remember
Here’s an Easter story, a couple of weeks late, but hard to forget. On the Saturday night before Easter Sunday, there was a fire alarm sounded very, very early in the morning. The “bank building” o...
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OK, seniors, time to get out and boogie
Okay seniors, let’s boogie! It’s time to get your groove on! The senior class of Twin Valley High School is hosting their second annual prom for seniors (that is, a Seniors’ Prom), on Saturday, May...
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Legislative changes are moving quickly through the House and Senate
by Legislative Update: Laura Sibilia
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As the final weeks of the 2017 session wind down, legislative changes are moving quickly through both the House and Senate. Several items of interest to our area include changes to education legisl...
Book envisions a world (almost) without death
by One-Minute Book Reviews: Laura Stevenson
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“Scythe” By Neal Shusterman Simon and Schuster, 2016 In the MidMerica of the distant future, hunger, war, illness, and poverty have all been abolished. While vestigial countries and regions exist, ...
Athlete to represent USA for 10th time at worlds
by Randy Capitani
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STRATTON- Tom Montemagni is a man who doesn’t run away from many challenges. The longtime resident and well-known fixture at Mount Snow Resort has worked as a ski instructor and as an attorney at t...
A symbol of resistance to racism is reborn
by Mike Eldred
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WILMINGTON- A slogan on a banner that was hung in Wilmington 35 years ago as a symbol of the community’s resistance to racism, has been reborn as a rallying cry for Vermonters who oppose Trump admi...
This Week in History
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10 years ago: Wilmington’s historic bank building, located at the corner of South Main Street and Route 9, was destroyed by fire. The building, which had once been the home of Wilmington Savings Ba...
Socialization is important, even for seniors
by Aging in Place: Claudette Hollenbeck
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Socialization is the current buzz word whenever the subject of seniors’ health comes up anywhere these days. There are all sorts of studies claiming that isolation is very bad medicine for older fo...
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