ITVFest panels focus on Vermont creatives
DOVER- While screenings and Hollywood chatter grabbed most of the attention at ITVFest last week, two panels focused on our own backyard. Vermont creative professionals spoke on panels on Friday an...
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Teen donates art proceeds to India
DOVER- Aashna Kinkhabwala is an artist and a photographer who believes in giving back. She is currently on a mission to raise $1,000 to donate to a school in her mother’s hometown in India. Since t...
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Restoration work uncovers mysteries
READSBORO- The cemetery commission is four years into a restoration of the town’s gravestones. To date, 430 stones have been repaired and restored. While that work has progressed nicely, the work h...
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A Star is back on the Corse farm
WHITINGHAM- Leon Corse fulfilled a lifelong dream and made a connection with family history last weekend, when he took delivery of a rare, 91-year-old car. Corse says he has wanted an antique car s...
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From Greenwich Village to Guam and Brigadoon
WHITINGHAM- Betty Appel lives a quiet life in a comfortable house her son-in-law designed for her in Whitingham. At 95, her hair is coiffed beautifully, her clothes chosen with care for color and c...
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A new spin on boy meets girl
“If I Was Your Girl,” by Meredith Russo Flatiron Books, 2016 Amanda Hardy’s parents are divorced. Her senior year in high school, she decides to leave her mother’s place in Atlanta and live with he...
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This Week in History
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10 years ago: Local resident Susan Spengler urged the Wilmington Selectboard to address a dearth of affordable housing in the valley. Board members reacted by appointing an affordable housing commi...
Marlboro writer portrays the other Vermont
by One-Minute Book Reviews: Laura Stevenson
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“Half Wild: Stories” by Robin MacArthur Ecco, 2016 In this debut collection of skillfully-crafted short stories, Robin MacArthur, a third-generation member of the Marlboro MacArthur family, joins H...
Play it Again, Zoe
by One-Minute Book Reviews: Laura Stevenson
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“23 Minutes” by Vivian Vande Velde Boyds Mills Press (Highlights), 2016 Fifteen-year-old Zoe has a peculiar gift: she can “rewind” any event that happens to her and replay its past 23 minutes, maki...
May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year
by Words of Faith: Faith Schuster
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I’m guessing that at this time of year the most frequently asked question by Jewish people is “When are the holidays . . .are they early or late this year?” Why the dates for the holidays should be...
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun the frumious Bandersnatch!
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Back to school.  Back to a regular routine.  Back to things that are traditionally done this time of year... traditional things we always do.  Which brings to mind the poetry of childhood.  Nonsens...
The loss of giants is our loss, the sixth extinction
by One-Minute Book Reviews: Laura Stevenson
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“Last of the Giants: The Rise and Fall of the Earth’s Most Dominant Species” by Jeff Campbell Zest Books, 2016 In the last quarter of the 19th century, naturalists influenced by Charles Darwin bega...
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