It's the economy, stupid
Dedicated Statehouse observers know that this is one of the most interesting times of the year in Montpelier. The Legislature has been in session for about six weeks, and things are really starting...
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All Vermonters need a shot at ed.reform bills
A hearing took place at the Statehouse in Montpelier earlier this week that raised some eyebrows. The Vermont Senate is considering a bill, S. 31, that would add background checks to guns purchased...
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The splendor of snow
“Despite all I have seen and experienced, I still get the same simple thrill out of glimpsing a tiny patch of snow in a high mountain gully and feel the same urge to climb towards it.” Sir Edmund H...
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Medicaid cost-shift tax raises many questions
This week, Gov. Peter Shumlin’s administration rolled out a plan to increase payroll tax contributions by employers. Revenues from the the 0.7% additional tax, pegged at approximately $90 million, ...
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Education reforms will be a rocky road for the state
There’s been quite a bit of discussion around Vermont during the past year about the need to change how the state pays for primary and secondary education, and how schools and school districts are ...
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VY closure part of cycle
Every new year brings with it a certain transition. The new year brings not just a new placeholder in the numerology of how we track the rotations around the sun, but often real change as well. Las...
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Session set to begin
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On Tuesday, January 6, the Vermont Legislature opens for business. While it’s only been two months since the November election, it seems like an eternity since voters went to the polls and made the...
Is there a Santa Claus?
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Sometimes, in this age of 24/7 news and instant communication, one might want to take a step aside and reflect on some of history’s more enduring words. Those that have true meaning, whether set in...
Community rallies again
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“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston S. Churchill One of the best things about living in this valley is how people pull together in a time of need. This broad ...
More opportunities to help out
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Speaking of giving, folks in the valley have several opportunities this weekend to help out. Among them, Memorial Hall in Wilmington will host events geared toward helping folks in the community, o...
Shop local stores first
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Just in case anyone missed it, the holiday shopping season is upon us. Well, actually, it’s been on us for more than a month now. We feel it’s important this time of year to remind readers the impo...
Start with a blank slate
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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com Last week the Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce rolled out the results of two year...