Fake news eroding access to real facts, information
Note: Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy has long been a proponent of open access to public information and transparency in government. He continues to author and support legislation that supports those...
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Voters have their say
It wasn’t long after Town Meeting polls closed on Tuesday evening that results on many local issues started to come in. As is usually the case, voting shows just how people were thinking on the iss...
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No vote on TV school budget sends message
Voters in Wilmington and Whitingham face a conundrum at Town Meeting next week over what to do about the Twin Valley School District budget. Wilmington and Whitingham homestead property taxpayers a...
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Master plan finally approved
News late last week that the Hermitage Club had received approval of its master plan by Vermont’s District 2 Environmental Commission was welcome to many around the region. No doubt club officials ...
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The rodent had it right, predicting this winter
Maybe Punxsutawney Phil had it right after all. Even for the nonbelievers, it certainly seems like we’ve got an extended winter bearing down on us with its full weight. Phil, as most Americans know...
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Difficult decisions loom
Town Meeting is less than a month away. Most towns in the area will hold their meeting on the traditional first Tuesday of March. This year that day falls on the seventh. A few local communities ho...
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With change coming, is it time for a new approach?
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A recent conversation with a Wilmington business owner about the future of the town’s form of government prompted some thoughts on the issue. Currently Wilmington’s town business is governed by an ...
Overhaul call falls short
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During last year’s campaign, then-candidate Phil Scott promised to do a lot of heavy lifting to make Vermont a more affordable place to live. He was elected governor in large part by promising to l...
A look into the future
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Act 46, Vermont’s most recent attempt at overhauling its schools, is having a major impact across the state. The law was enacted in 2015 in an attempt to consolidate school governance and control s...
MLK offers perspective
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This week will be significant for two things, at the very least. Monday is a national holiday commemorating and remembering the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On Friday, Donald Trump will be s...
New Year heating up
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Less than a week into the new year, and already things are heating up in the Vermont political world. As we went to press this week, Phil Scott was being sworn in as the next governor of Vermont. I...
Hopeful that new year brings fewer highs, lows
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Wow, here it is, just about 2017. The new year will have a difficult time topping much of what happened this year. What a year 2016 has been. Perhaps, in many ways, it will be better if 2017 doesn’...