Vote in the primary
“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin While we don’t necessarily a...
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New name for an old school
There’s been a lot of focus recently on the newly-renovated Twin Valley Middle High School in Whitingham, for obvious reasons. What was once named Whitingham School, then renamed Whitingham Element...
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No reason for groups to paper over history
Sometimes those of us in the world of journalism become our own worst enemies. There are some in our industry who feel the need to fabricate news, or at the least go searching for stories that aren...
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Completion of school projects fulfills a promise
Major construction at Twin Valley Middle/High School will be wrapping up over the next month. When it’s finished students from Whitingham and Wilmington, as well as tuition students from around the...
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Festival a testament to collective effort
What do you get when you cross a grass-roots effort to organize events with a small, delectable fruit that only grows for a short period in the summer? The easy answer, and the correct one, is the ...
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Grega suit was expected
New this week that John Grega has filed a civil suit claiming wrongful imprisonment shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone who follows such things. As Mike Eldred’s article on page 1 explains, ...
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Generosity a core principle of valley residents, guests
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Last week we ran a front page story about a fundraiser for a local woman who is recovering from brain cancer surgery. The basic thread of the story was that her friends rallied in support of her, a...
Keep the momentum
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Over the years, The Deerfield Valley News has been a pretty strong cheerleader for economic development around the valley. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, in our opinion, and supporting good devel...
Town not owing zoning
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Residents and property owners in Readsboro appear to be facing a conundrum when it comes to the town’s zoning regulations. As staff reporter Jack Deming reported in last week’s edition (“Residents ...
Voters will have a chance to avoid the silly season
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Summer is often referred to as “the silly season” for a number of reasons. School is out, kids don’t have homework and can spend their days doing what kids do. Television networks tend to go with r...
Valley Trail is a reality
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Saturday morning a large group gathered at the base of Haystack Mountain. It was a bright, breezy morning that lent a crystal clear sky and fresh air to the scene, creating a setting that was perfe...
Time to move on from "Mount Snow Valley"
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Words can be a funny thing. Something as simple as a few letters or sounds strung together can have tremendous power. Words can calm people, incite people, excite people, or depress them. Just ask ...