Buyers’ club helps people save, helps save people
DOVER- Jim McDevitt has a simple plan, that he has been carrying out for the last five years. He helps people who join Propane Dover, his propane buyers’ club, save money, and gives away 100% of th...
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School redevelopment group hoping to avoid permit “Catch 22”
WILMINGTON- Will the demolition of the 1899 portion of the former Twin Valley High School require an Act 250 permit? Old School Working Group members pondered the question at a meeting Monday eveni...
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After bond vote, wastewater plant begins rebuild
WILMINGTON- Work has started on a $2.5 million project to upgrade systems at the Wilmington Wastewater Treatment Facility on Fairview Avenue. The project includes demolition of the facility’s curre...
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Buses for school choice students, Act 46 top agenda
WILMINGTON- Board members discussed busing for school choice students and legislative issues at their regular meeting Tuesday evening. Several parents attended the meeting to question why their stu...
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Town hires new zoning administrator and administrative assistant
READSBORO- The selectboard in Readsboro meets more frequently and for longer hours than selectboards of some neighboring towns, and in the last six months, has scheduled additional meetings to help...
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River continues to erode bank weakened by Irene
READSBORO- Peter Holden, of Holden Engineering, met with selectboard members Teddy Hopkins, Helyn Strom-Henriksen, and chair David Marchegiani to discuss the plan to stabilize the bank of the West ...
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Conditions reconsidered: Hermitage Club asks DRB for permit changes
by Mike Eldred
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WILMINGTON- Hermitage representatives met with development review board members Monday evening with an unusual request for the DRB to reconsider conditions in a permit for a 93-unit hotel issued on...
Group considers options: New education law creates many challenges
by Rolf Parker
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DOVER- As a result of an informal discussion of the potential impacts and responses to H. 361 (which became Act 46), an ad hoc committee of Dover residents was formed to research this topic. Since ...
Dunkin’ Donuts approved
by Mike Eldred
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WILMINGTON- The development review board has issued a permit for Sandri’s controversial Dunkin’ Donuts franchise at their East Main Street gas station. Sandri’s application to convert what is now a...
Film Festival poised to be bigger, bolder than ever
by Mike Eldred
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More selections, industry brass, help build buzz DOVER- This year’s ITVFest kicks off on Thursday, September 24, and is already promising to surpass last year’s festival in attendance and viewing o...
Selectboard sets October 1 deadline for work to start on fire station
by Rolf Parker
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DOVER – The selectboard discussed the continued delay of repairs on the fire station roof, the failure of rental properties to collect taxes owed to the town, a letter expressing concerns to public...
Board signs off on study, approves lots sale and memorial placement
by Mike Eldred
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WILMINGTON- Board members approved a feasibility study for the Old School Enrichment Center, the sale of the town’s interest in Powderhorn lots at Haystack, and the placement of a memorial to Mark ...