Dover plan to control flight over town
DOVER- The town released a draft document entitled “Ordinance Prohibiting the Construction and/or Operation of Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Facilities within the Town of Dover.” The proposed ordina...
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Crews make short work of inn fire
DOVER – At about 12:30 pm on Wednesday, July 1, the owner of the Austin Hill Inn called the West Dover Fire Department to report that his building was on fire. Dover Fire Chief Richard Werner said ...
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Pair plans on making town a little more puzzling
WILMINGTON- Life can be puzzling, and at times frustratingly so. Shelley Park and Nicki Steel hope to make life in Wilmington a little more puzzling, but with the hope that it will bring pleasure, ...
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Towns ready to explode with Independence Day fun
DEERFIELD VALLEY- The towns of Wardsboro and Wilmington are celebrating the Fourth in wonderful and different ways this weekend. The number of offerings at Wardsboro’s Fourth of July street fair is...
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Free concerts in the park
DOVER- Do you like reggae? Is classic rock that you can sing along to more to your liking? Or would like to go check out a band that describes itself as having a “Jazz/Americana/Soul/Folk” sound? A...
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Food labeling discussed: Assistant Attorney General testified on VT law
WASHINGTON, DC- On Thursday, June 18, Vermont Assistant Attorney General Todd Daloz testified before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Heal...
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Students from Wings program just want to dance
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Boards not filing minutes
by Rolf Parker
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READSBORO- At the Readsboro selectboard meeting on Wednesday, June 17, Larry Hopkins informed the board that the planning commission and the development review board (DRB) had not been filing minut...
Lock up your cars people
by Rolf Parker
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READSBORO- On June 17, a resident reported to the Deerfield Valley News that several break-ins and thefts from cars in Readsboro had occurred, “in the previous one or two weeks.” Trooper Lauren Ron...
Twin Valley School may become union district under school reform act
by Mike Eldred
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WILMINGTON- Twin Valley School district may explore moving from a joint contract to a union school district to comply with Act 46, the education reform bill formerly known as H.361. Whitingham boar...
Jacksonville embraces its time to shine as the town continues to grow
by Mike Eldred
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JACKSONVILLE- The village of Jacksonville has taken on a new shine, thanks to the efforts of the Whitingham Economic Development Group and local businesses. According to economic development group ...
Board talks money, roads, renovations
by Rolf Parker
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READSBORO - On June 10, selectboard members David Marchegiani, Teddy Hopkins, and Helyn Strom-Henriksen discussed moving money from capital funds to an account with higher interest, critical road w...