CYA behind President's Syria strike policy
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To the Editor,

The CIA got us into the Vietnam War and the Bay of Pigs disaster. But, it’s not really the CIA that’s behind the push for US military intervention in Syria, it’s the “CYA.” That means that all that really matters is that we cover our butts on the Syria thing. Chemical weapons in Syria?

As usual we “foreign powers” care more about our image than what we actually do. After the Benghazi embassy attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and embarrassed President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the president won’t make the same mistakes on Syria.

The “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” scandal that foiled John Kerry’s presidential bid in 2004 illustrates how vulnerable he is. He testified before Congress after the Vietnam War in his old army uniform and told everyone who would listen how horrible US troops were in ‘Nam. Now, as Secretary of State, he has to be squeaky clean and CYA it to the hilt.

But, did John Kerry tell the truth about Vietnam and the swift boats? Can he be trusted? What are the United States’ motives on the Syria thing? You decide!


Tom King

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