We don't need smoking ban
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To the Editor,

I’m writing about the article last week concerning the ‘No Smoking’ signs proposed for the park and other public places. People, we do not need this. It is a fact that when the government takes something away you not only do not get it back, but you will likely lose something else with it. While I do agree the park is not huge, there is still no reason to ban someone because he or she is smoking a cigarette.

They could be chewing tobacco or gumming snuff and you’d have to deal with the resultant spitting. Juice on your shoes, etc.

And, for sure, we don’t need to give these fascists another step up on their way to controlling your life or mine. This is still America, the home of the free. I know we cannot play online poker for real money and they can in Russia and China, but let’s keep this freedom. And that is what this is all about. Not the second-hand smoke, it’s outdoors for goodness sake. And, the science behind the second-hand smoke scare is faulty at worst, manipulated at best. Don’t believe me, check it yourselves on the internet.

Let folks smoke. Do not take yet another freedom away. If the anti-smoke fascists just pull their heads from their rectums they would get a breath of fresh air and maybe work on something we do need. And, by the way, I quit smoking tobacco three-and-a-half years ago, so I have nothing to lose if the selectboard does this. Just another freedom. For you who do smoke. I don’t think that would be a good thing.


Dwight Schmuck

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