Vermont’s most dangerous bill proposed
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To the Editor,

I was just scanning the current bills in Montpelier and found, what I think, to be the most dangerous bill ever proposed in Vermont.

Article 16 of Vermont’s Constitution, guarantees the people of Vermont the right (not privilege) of defending themselves and others.

Since 1791, Vermont has had a cherished right most other citizens of this nation never had. We call it “Constitutional Carry.” Other states call it “Vermont Carry.”

This means Vermonters can legally carry a weapon (including a firearm or knife) in their travels through the state on their daily business.

Criminals have known about this for two centuries.

This is one of the reasons Vermont is such a nice, peaceful, tranquil state. To quote author Robert Heinlein, “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

To this end, thousands of Vermonters routinely carry on a daily basis.

Criminals know a large percentage of the Vermont population is neither scared, nor defenseless, but, which percentage?

They are not about to test the waters.

Life is good in Vermont, unless this bill passes.

It appears Sen. Don Collins thinks that ought to change.

S.178 proposes to gut the ability for parents to keep themselves and their children safe.

Every day parents drop their children off, or pick them up, from school, the same parents who, as mentioned above, exercise their Constitutional Right to protect themselves and loved ones.

S.178 will make law-abiding citizens immediate felons, complete with jail sentences, fines, confiscation of all their firearms, and the loss of that same Constitutional Right, by simply dropping off their kid at school! As a side effect, this bill will prevent Vermonters from even leaving their homes while armed!

I’d hate to imagine what will happen when the mentally ill, who desire to make themselves into the next main stream media rockstar “school shooter,” are offered no deterrent? No one will be there to stop them, and they will know that, as law-abiding citizens are, exactly that, law-abiding.

Vermont law states that for there to be a crime, there has to be intent.

The intent is very clear, to undermine the Second Amendment in Vermont, any way possible, and to create a new air of “fear” that this state has never had to endure.

I urge Sen. Collins to rethink his proposal, and withdraw his bill.

Bob DePino

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