Time for politicians to help out the people
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To the Editor:

I write this to express my support for Patricia Crocker’s letter on the grant to help China. I was born into a time of great prosperity and of plentiful jobs. Yes, the pre-NAFDA years. America was booming, for every worker there were three jobs waiting. Corporate giants and their major lobbying firms wanted access to cheap unregulated labor markets to bring “affordable products” to our shores. In reality it was the beginning of a spiral down for humanity.

Corporations looking for greater profits not only in cheap labor but no OSHA regs, no unemployment insurance, no workers comp insurance, and so forth. The recent garment factory fire in Pakistan that killed 258 people is a tribute to such greed.

I have over the last few years written numerous letters to both USs senators and to our US representative to no avail.

We need manufacturing jobs in southern Vermont. We need regulations against products manufactured in countries that do not offer the same safeguards for workers like we do. This would help in creating a more even playing field for American manufacturing.

I suggest we buy Vermont first, our own procurement office for state purchases should do more to help Vermont businesses sell to Vermont. In a recent email to our governor I detailed a plan for our valley to have a manufacturing incubator to help startup businesses receive grants and secure Vermont purchase contracts from the state to employ Vermonters who can then pay taxes.

Maybe I am just looking for too much. Maybe If I had given thousands of dollars to a campaign I might get a response.

I say help Vermonters, our unemployment skyrockets as does our poverty level.

When will politicians help us and let Wall Street fend for itself ?

Robert M. Lambert

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