Shocked by the callous stupidity
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To the Editor,

Referring to Shaw’s unacceptable termination of Jake White, I have telephoned Shaw’s customer service line at (877) 932-7948 to try to make sure that Shaw’s “top management” is at least aware of the significance of their error.

I have known Jake as a boy, a growing teenager, and a maturing adult who always takes the lead in doing the right thing for his neighbors, community, and family...and did the very same for Shaw’s day in and day out.

I am shocked at the callous stupidity exhibited by Shaw’s at both the local and corporate levels. Needless to say, I will never shop at Shaw’s again in my life. And that’s a promise.


Nick Evans

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November 17, 2012
The impersonal way management can just send a long-time dedicated employee out the door without prior notification or allowing him to finish his day's work is outrageous. Sure, downsizing and letting go employees who are costing a company more money are the new normal but at least give employees some respect after all the years they have invested in a career at their company.

We have options too! There are certainly other local places for finding better produce, fresher meats and vegetables and dairy products that aren't outdated before you get them home. Jake would never let that happen. If more of us shop elsewhere and barrage the management with phone calls complaining about their poor management style, poor product choices and poor prices, maybe they'll get the message.

1 877- 932-7948 and or you can also call 1-508-313-4454 and ask for the general manager.