Nazi reenactors like a tribute to Ted Bundy
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To the Editor,

The Blueberry Festival was a huge success and a well-earned one. Thank you, to everyone who worked hard to make this happen.

Unfortunately, I felt a bit sick after visiting the WWII Nazi reenactors’ camp. Unsuspecting attendees were confronted by a large Nazi flag bearing the swastika, prominently displayed by the Nazi reenactors.

I appreciate history, but any public presentation of this icon outside the context of the horror of the Holocaust is irresponsible. It hurts people. I value free speech. These folks have the right to present their ambiguous message in the public square. You can show up to a party dressed as Ted Bundy claiming that Ted was a man who needs to be understood, when you know the families of his victims will be there trying to have fun. You are right. Ted needs to be understood, studied, and remembered. We need to see some of his darkness in ourselves. But I have to tell you that your actions are hurtful, your motives are suspect, and I pray that you are only profoundly, confused because the alternate explanation is much, much worse.


Andy McLean

Town clerk

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