"Someone has been sitting in my chair and they've broken it all to pieces!"
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To the Editor,

I was driving home today and a black bear cub ran right across the dirt road in front of my car. Must have been following the mama bear; I couldn’t see her, but he looked too small to be on his own (maybe 2 feet tall on all fours), so mama must have been not too far ahead of him, plus he was running like crazy like a very bad boy who lingered too long, trying to catch up with mom before he got in too much trouble. Never even looked at me in the car-just dashed across the road, barreling along with his head down like “OMG, where did Mom go? She’s gonna be really teed off if I don’t catch up right now.”

He looked like a little ball of scrumptious black fur that you’d like to grab up and snuggle with, if you didn’t know that mama must be nearby and certainly can smell your humanness. Cub-bearing while semi-dormant and then snoozing for a while longer in the den, they are lucky moms-they get all that sleep while the newborns just cozy up and nurse at will; no post-partum depression for those mama bears!

Then finally they have to wake up and make the porridge for that silly little Goldilocks girl who is coming to sit the bottom out of the chair. Probably that’s why I didn’t see the mama-she was going off to buy a new chair. What a royal pain in the neck these humans are, tasting all the porridge and trying all the beds and breaking a chair. It’s not like bears just have spare chairs lying around! One per cub around the table, that’s about it, and when one gets broken, well, that is not a happy day.

For me, it’s a lovely day enjoying glimpses of my neighbors in the woods.

Sara Clay

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